Box Truck Loading Ramp
Copperloy is a leading manufacturing of box truck loading ramps and other forms of loading dock equipment. We design our equipment to maximize space, safety, and efficiency. Our ramps offer many significant advantages over competing equipment:
Quick Raise Times  – Copperloy ramps offer raise speeds two and a half times faster than other loading ramps.
User Friendly  – The external hand pump and safety features makes operation must simpler and safer.
Lower Maintenance Needs  – Rotation occurs on the ramp's positioning sleeve, lessening wear and tear on the ramp.
Greater Stability – The centrally-located cylinder increase overall stability, making forklift operation safer and easier.
The Copperloy box truck loading ramp is designed to maximize space, efficiency, and safety. We manufacture America's number one box truck loading ramp! The one-cylinder design requires less pressure and is much easier to operate.
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