A few years ago, Heritage House heard that the main supplier of Pro-Life checks was also selling checks for pro-abortion groups.  Appalled that pro-life customers did not have a pro-life choice, we started designing checks of our own.  We have come a long way since then with 16 check designs, pro-life address labels, check covers, and custom photo checks.


We know that pro-life checks make a difference and will help others think about abortion, but we also know it is sometimes a bit of a hassle to change check companies.  But not any more!  Our simple sign-up process only requires you to have a copy of a previous check - and we will give you a box of FREE checks!  Details are below.

 How To Get Your Free Box

It is simple.  Just go to www.prolifechecks.com OR call 1-877-472-0907 and choose the small box of singles or duplicate checks.  As you are checking out, mention the coupon code "FREE".  Hurry though - this coupon expires 10/31/2011!


Is there any cost for my free box?  

There is no cost for the box of checks, for the customization, for the account activation, or any other fees associated with the checks.  We are charging a small fee of $2.99 to cover the cost of shipping.  There is no future obligation or requirements, just a free box of checks!


Are there any limitations? 
The only limitation is 1 box free per household.  We thank you for your pro-life work and we are excited to see the impact of so many pro-life checks going out into the world.  Thank you for make a difference!

Don't forget - use coupon code "FREE" when you check-out at www.prolifechecks.com or when you call in your order at 1-877-742-0907.  Offer ends 10/31/2011 - so don't delay!


Brandon Monahan 

Heritage House '76


Save 100%
Coupon code FREE must be used by 10/31/2011.  Only "Small" boxes of checks will be given for free.  Coupon must be presented at check-out or on the call at the tiem of the order.  Shipping charges of $2.99 still applies.  1 free box of checks per household.  Only pro-life designs are available in small check boxes.  Other options may add cost and additional shipping charges. 
Offer Expires: 10/31/2011