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 Council Member Dwight A. Boykins

April 2014 
Greetings Residents of District D,   
Welcome to the April edition of The Boykins Briefings 
In April, my staff and I began delivering an innovative method to provide up-to-date street and drainage improvements data for District D residents.
Chelbi Mims and Shavonda Johnson will bring a laptop to each civic club meeting and coffee and conversation in order to access the Rebuild Houston Interactive Map and provide constituents with current information on street and drainage concerns. We are bringing this service and instant technology to keep our constituents informed.


On Wednesday, April 16th, Houston City Council approved a contract award to Menade, Inc. to complete the CIP Project, Sagemont Drainage and Paving Sub-Project 1. The city has appropriated $4,920,000.00 out of the Street & Traffic Control and Storm Drainage Fund for project construction.


For information about the Rebuild Houston Program, click click here. To view the proposed CIP projects for 2015-2019, click click here



Coffee and Conversation with Council Member


This month my staff and I visited residents of South Acres West for Coffee and Conversation. I want to thank the residents of the community for

taking time to discuss illegal dumping and development in the community.
From Left to Right:
Cathleen Oakley, Louvenia Madison, Deloris Garcia, Annie Lue Mitchell and Malinda Jones

City Hall Proclamations

Congratulations to Amari Venzor


Amari Venzor  serves as an inspiration and demonstrates how the power of education can inspire others at any age. Amari Venzor is a 10 year old fifth grader at Cornelius Elementary School.

On Friday, January 17, 2014, Amari competed and won first place in the 18th Annual Gardere MLK Jr. Oratory Competition. He has been participating in this competition for the past six years waiting on his chance to take  1st place.  With each passing year, he would add just a little more to his speech.

This speech was about the importance of education.  "Your education is the key to open the door of your opportunities," according to Amari.  These are the words of a young man who did not give up his dream of winning a competition that he pursued for six years.

I commend Amari Venzor for his persistence and strong determination in following his dreams of making the best of his education.

Congratulations Amari Venzor!  Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to the Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded on January 13, 1913 by 22 courageous students at Howard University in Washington, D.C.  They demonstrated an uncommon concern for academic excellence, cultural enrichment and high moral standards.


On April 8, 2014, the Houston Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. participated in Delta Day at City Hall, an event to inform, inspire, and enlighten the concerned citizens of Houston, Texas.


I commend Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Houston Alumnae Chapter for its invaluable service to our community and extends best wishes for a successful and rewarding Delta Day at City Hall.

Community Connection
The Marriott Marquis


This month I along with my colleagues broke ground on the second convention center in the city of Houston, The Marriott Marquis. This new hotel will improve the economy by creating roughly 800 long-term jobs.
Color Me Healthy


Chelbi Mims, from my staff, attended the Beverly Hills Community Center Color Me Healthy Senior Medicare Diabetes and Cardiac Symposium. Individuals from Sunnyside, Cloverland, and the Beverly Hills area were present to gather informative and exciting information on Medicare and Diabetes. 


It was great to see the steppers from the Bessie Swindle Community Center at the Color Me Healthy Health Fair. Thank you Beverly Hills Community Center for planning this event.
The Golden Bunch


The Golden Bunch from Mt. Hebron Baptist Church visited public session at the city earlier this month.  


Thank you to 311 for providing a representative who visited with the group and answered questions and concerns, and thank you to Controller Ronald Green, who also spoke with his fellow District D community members.

State of the City


I had the honor of speaking with Ms. Darian Ward after the State of the City Address. We discussed my major initiatives for District D, including the Senior Minor Home Repair Fund and the Second Chance Program.



Keep Houston Beautiful Day


On Friday April 5th, Super Neighborhood 68 in conjunction with my office hosted the "Keep Houston Beautiful Community Clean-Up".  


Volunteers from the District D Community joined us at Agape Ministries, Zollie Scales Park and YWCA on Martin Luther King Blvd to plant flowers and pick up trash in the community.


Council Member Boykins and a resident from the community; planting a garden at Agape Ministries
From left to right:
Shavonda Johnson, Preston Roe, Ms. Josephine, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick and Council Member Boykins during Keep Houston Beautiful Day
Council Member Boykins and Shavonda Johnson racing during the potato sack race.

Stop the Silence 5th Annual National African American Breast Cancer Walk
The 5th Annual Sisters Network Stop the Silence National African American Breast Cancer Walk took place on Saturday, April 5th at Discovery Green Park.
My staff and I attended the event and delivered a certificate to the remarkable organization.  
Southeast Precinct Judges Council Meeting
My staff and I served dinner at the Southeast Precinct Judges Council Meeting. It was a privilege to serve this great group of leaders who inform voters on issues pertinent to the community and serve as precinct judges for the election polls.
St. Frances Xavier Catholic Church


I had a chance to speak to the 55+ group at St. Frances Xavier Catholic Church regarding the Senior Assistance Fund. Chelbi Mims, from my staff, was also present to share up-to-date information regarding street improvements. Thank you Father Michael Buckman and Ms. Bessie Swindle for welcoming me and allowing me to speak.
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Meet the District D Team

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  • Thyra Burks, Community Liaison

  • Ed Banks, Seniors Community Liaison/ Third Ward Multi-Service Center Satellite Office  

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  • Mary Roberts, Seniors Community Liaison/ Sunnyside Multi-Service Center Satellite Office

  • Rosario Wilson, Seniors Community Liaison/ Sagemont Community Center 

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For other City of Houston departments and projects, please visit the city website.
Upcoming Events
District D Satellite Office Open House

Saturday May 10th, 2014

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Sky Scraper Shadows Civic Club Meeting

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7:30-8:30 pm

Addressing Hoarding in Houston
  • On Wednesday, April 16th, Houston City Council approved an addition to Chapter 10 of the Code of Ordinances regarding hoarding in multifamily housing units within the city.

  • Several residents affected by the hoarding activities of their neighbors, expressed concern to the Department of Neighborhoods and The Houston Police Department.

  • The ordinance focuses on providing law enforcement officials with easier access to a residence where an individual or family may be engaging in hoarding behavior. The behavior must pose a threat to the health and/or safety of their neighbors.

  • If convicted the fine is no less than $200.00 and no more than $500.00

  • The ordinance also includes a provision where law enforcement officers will consult with mental health professionals and offer treatment options when issuing citations.

  • The ordinance declares that prosecutors assigned to handle such citations will be mindful of the relationship that may exist between mental illness and hoarding and will exercise their lawful prosecutorial discretion accordingly. 

  • "We want to do our best to prevent unsafe behavior, which can impede upon the quality of life for others, while acknowledging the role mental illness may play in regards to these actions. This ordinance will serve as a step in that direction." Council Member Boykins said.
  • City Council Approves Ordinance to Demolish Abandoned Homes
  • On Wednesday, April 23rd, Houston City Council voted to approve a resolution, which will implement the "Strike-Off Blight Program," an initiative of the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) Inspections & Public Service division (IPS).

  • The resolution authorizes the resale of tax foreclosed dangerous properties, known as "strike-offs."

  • In 2000, the City of Houston, Harris County, and Houston Independent School District entered into an agreement, which set in place procedures for the foreclosure and resale of properties that have accrued delinquent property taxes.

  • "Strike-offs" is part of the established procedures, and will allow an entity to take these properties into trust until they go back to sale. Any expenses incurred by the City to bring the properties into compliance will be recovered from sale proceeds.

  • Strike-offs will benefit our communities because the program will serve as a cost-effective means to reduce blight through rehabilitation or demolition of dangerous and abandoned buildings.

  • This will help to reduce crime and improve public safety, revitalize our neighborhoods, and improve the quality of life for residents.

  • "This is a huge win for our community, because it will allow us to educate our community on how to acquire properties through the tax sale," said Council Member Dwight Boykins. "The Department of Neighborhoods has assured me that we will have the opportunity to be trained on the process, so I am excited and optimistic. I'm a firm believer that education is a powerful tool and when used properly, it will promote positive action."
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