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 Council Member Dwight A. Boykins

March 2014 
Greetings Residents of District D,   
Welcome to the March edition of The Boykins Briefings 

It has been a pleasure serving you for three months. Our office is diligently working to tackle all infrastructure, neighborhood protection, and public safety concerns in the community.


We are proud to announce that the District D Office will now offer on-the-spot infrastructure updates during civic club meetings and community events. Chelbi Mims and Shavonda Johnson will have a laptop, which can access the Rebuild Houston Interactive Map and provide constituents with up-to-date information on street and drainage concerns. We are  bringing this on the spot innovation and instant technology to inform our constituents.


In other community news, on Thursday, March 13th, I, along with several District D constituents, attended the HISD Board Meeting where the Board of Trustees voted on the Final School Closure/Consolidation Proposal of Jones High School.


During the board meeting, I spoke on behalf of the residents of District D; stated my opposition of the proposal and asked the board to respect the will of the community, and keep the school open and operational.




Coffee and Conversation With Council Member


This month my staff and I visited three homes in the District D community for Coffee and Conversation. I want to thank the residents of the Southpark Community, South Union Community and Bayou Terrace Community.

From left to right: Shirley Granger, Cecila Fontenot, Abillie Maw Mims, Bobbie Wyatt, Council Member Dwight Boykins and Charline Parshall
 in the Southpark Community
Delores Richards and Council Member Dwight Boykins in the Bayou Terrace Community

From left to right: Glorea Maddle, Brady Williams, Mrs. West, Council Member Dwight Boykins and Nelda Bogany in the South Union Community

Congratulations to Dr. Grace Butler


This month I had the special privilege of presenting a proclamation to Dr. Grace Butler, founder and board chair of Hope Through Grace Inc. and also a Stage III colon cancer survivor. Dr. Grace Butler started Hope Through Grace, Inc. to help low-income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals gain access to a life-saving colonoscopy to prevent colorectal cancer.

Hope Through Grace's mission is eliminating colorectal cancer through prevention and early detection. They are proud to offer cancer screening for early detection, survivorship support, education, advocacy, and services to raise awareness of colorectal cancer prevention, early detection and cancer care.

Congratulations Dr. Grace Butler!  Keep up the good work!

Community Connection
HPD Southeast March on Crime


My staff and I were honored to participate in the HPD March on Crime in the Sunnyside Community along with Congressman Al Green. This event is a public awareness campaign to distribute safety information to residents of District D.

South Central Sportz

13th Annual Baseball Opening Day


On March 29th, my wife and I partnered with The Houston Astros, Schlumberger and Congressman Al Green to sponsor the 9th Annual Health, Education, Science Fair & Carnival celebrating

South Central Sportz's 13th Annual Baseball Opening Day.  


I was honored to participate as a sponsor of an event that encourages youth baseball and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). As a child, I played baseball on an inner city field and I understand that this event is a long-held tradition and serves as an investment future of our community.


Our team was honored to present the team with a donation and throw out the opening pitch.

Make Safe Saturday


My staff and I joined Mayor Annise Parker, Sandra Massie-Hines, Honorary Mayor of Sunnyside and the Department of Neighborhoods for the launch of the 2014 Make Safe Saturday on March 29th in the Sunnyside Community.


The Make Safe Program began March 2013 and targets blighted and dangerous properties that are in violation of city codes and which the owners have failed to correct.  


Currently District D has 42 properties which are scheduled to be "made safe" starting March 29th up to May 2014. (This information may be subject to change)


Ride Along in the South Belt Community


This month, I walked the streets of the South Belt Community with the Sagemont Civic Club to view blight in the neighborhood.


Interacting with my constituents is one of the most rewarding aspects of serving as a city council member. Walking the streets of the South Belt community with the Sagemont Civic Club, provided me with the opportunity to speak directly with residents about their concerns. We viewed weeded lots, abandoned homes and blight in the community, and it emphasized the importance of enforcing deed restrictions and cross collaboration between the city and the county. I look forward to working in unison with the civic club and community leaders to revitalize the Sagemont Community.


From left to right: Linda Boyd, Barbara Henry, Lucy Petterson, Jean Dusek, Stacy Robb, Sandra Robb,Junius Schinder, Council Member Dwight Boykins and Kenneth Mills.

Council Member Boykins walking Sageview St. with members of the civic club discussing illegal dumping in the community.

Council Member Boykins thanks residents for keeping the historic community clean.

Stop the Silence 5th Annual National African American Breast Cancer Walk
The 5th Annual Sisters Network Stop the Silence National African American Breast Cancer Walk will take place this Saturday, April 5th at Discovery Green Park beginning at 10:00 am. I attended last year and look forward to attending this year with my staff.

Mt. Canaan Baptist Church


Thank you Mt. Canaan Baptist Church for organizing a cleanup on Selinksy Rd. this month. Chelbi Mims, from my staff, attended the event and worked with members of the church to improve the quality of life for residents in the community.

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Meet the District D Team

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Crime Prevention Tips

Protect Yourself From Fraud, ID Theft and Financial Criminals 

  • Be cautious shopping online.  Ensure that your credit information is secure at the source.
  • Outgoing mail should be sent from the post office or a postal collection box.
  • Beware of phishing scams over email, and educate the elderly about online solicitation. 
  • Order your free annual credit report to ensure your credit is in good standing. 
  • Never give out your personal information over the phone, mail or internet unless you initiated the contact. 
  • Give out your social security number with caution.  Ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy source.

The tips are courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Upcoming Events
District D Satellite Office Open House

Saturday April 12, 2014

9 am -12 pm


MacGregor Trails Civic Club

2nd Tuesday of the month

Palm Center

7:00-8:00 pm

Please call (832) 393-5141 today to see if you qualify for a home inspection for lead-based paint at NO COST to you

Boykins Shows Support for Community. Votes No on Tax Credit Resolution

On March 26th, 2014, Council Member Dwight Boykins supported the wishes of the South Belt community and voted NO on a resolution, which would have provided The Monarch apartment development with points towards its housing tax credit application.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs received applications in January of this year for the Competitive Housing Tax Credit Program for the development of low-income housing. As part of the application process, the developers seek Resolutions of Support or Resolutions of No Objection from City Council, which will add points to their application and make them more competitive.

In response to objections, Council Member Boykins was quoted as saying "The residents who live within this area know what is best for their community. I serve as an advocate for my constituents and I respect their decision to oppose this development." Council Member Boykins is a strong proponent of single-family housing. He will continue to voice his opposition to what is currently an over-abundance of multi-family units in District D. 

City Council Approves Important Revisions to Animal Regulation Ordinance

City Council voted to approve recommended revisions and administrative updates to Chapter 6 of the Code of Ordinances, which relates to the regulation of animals. Many within the City of Houston are familiar with BARC, which is the City of Houston's Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility, and the critical duties and responsibilities of the division. The updates will improve animal control and is a step in the right direction to prevent more occurrences of individual bite cases and near-fatal maulings.

It is normal for BARC to receive more than 400 requests for animal control service in a day and Council Member Boykins is dedicated to advocating for more funding for BARC during the upcoming budget deliberations. In addition, Council Member Boykins is engaging in discussions with Department Directors to address imposing stricter penalties on dog owners whose animals cause serious bodily injury.

Great season to the Texas Southern University Basketball Team! Job Well Done!
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