About Kamila: Kamila is an 8 year old Club Member at the Spring Lake Boys & Girls Club. She has been a Club member since she was 5 years old and loves her time at the Club!

Why Kamila is our Featured Club Kid: Kamila is being recognized for her continuous positive attitude toward peers and staff. "When a task is assigned, Kamila is attentive to the instructions and works diligently to complete her activities. Kamila is respectful of her peers by making sure to include everyone with her warm smile and pleasant comments." Said Unit Director, Olivia Escobedo.
Favorite Thing about the Clubs: Kamila enjoys all the programming offered at the Clubs! She participates both in VOICE and in-Club programming! She also utilizes Power Hour at the Club, a program designed to help Club members with their homework! "Kamila compassionate personality makes others feel appreciated and acknowledged, she’s very funny and outgoing. Never skips a beat." Said Escobedo.

Thank you for being a role model, Kamila!