About Alahna: Alahna is a 17 year old Club member who has been at the North Omaha Club since she was eight years old. This year, Alahna was featured as the North Club's Youth of the Year. Alahna also participates on the Jaguar Track Team as well as being a Club Ambassador and a Keystone member.

Why Alahna is our Featured Club Kid: Unit Director, Dave Felici, boasts of Alahna's commitment to the Club. "She is a terrific role model and very humble." From being an All-American on the Jaguar Track Team to holding many leadership positions within the Club, Dave mentions how she's a pleasure to be around because she's always laughing! "She would be great to have in the audience at a comic show."

Favorite Thing about the Club: Alahna loves having friends and mentors at the Club to talk with every day. Alahna says she looks up to a lot of the staff members. "They motivate me and make me feel comfortable when I come to the Club. They challenge you and make you have fun, even when you don't feel like it. They come to your games and cheer you on. I just love the Club!" says Alahna.
Thank you for being a role model, Alahna!