About Stanley: Stanley is a 12 year old Carter Lake Boys & Girls Club member. Stanley has been a member since he was 6 years old. When we asked him what makes him special he had this to say: "Something special about me is that even though I have been through a lot, I still have a smile on my face. I always come to the Club and participate in everything that I can. Last year I won the Junior Youth of the Year Competition here at the Carter Lake Boys & Girls Club!"

Why Stanley is our Featured Club Kid: Stanley was chosen as the featured Club Kid because of his resilience! He had a difficult 2020, battling a pandemic on top of personal issues at home. He put in work to grow from this past year! Former Program Director, Sergio Flores, had this to say about him, "Despite everything that was going on in his life he still managed to come to the Club and participate in the programs that we offer for the teens." Stanley has gone to the Clubs for several years and has created personal bonds with the staff. They are all very proud of Stanley!

Favorite Thing about the Club: Stanley enjoys coming to the Clubs and participating in the programming. "They teach us a lot about growing up and becoming an adult," said Stanley.
Thank you for being a role model, Stanley!