Nancy Bracken
Trees of the Holy Land
13  ½ " x 17 ½"

Nancy Bracken
Pawleys Island, SC

Moving to the beautiful Lowcountry of  South  Crolina over twenty years ago, gave Nancy Bracken the opportunity to develop her skills and passion as an artist. She began her studies with Bruce Chandler, learning watercolor and collage techniques for depicting the beauty of the ocean, marsh and nature. Her training included many workshops and classes with artists locally and while traveling. 

Nancy's artwork has been purchased by tourists and friends and taken to homes all over the country and even abroad. She enjoys knowing that her beach scenes serve as a reminder of good times at Pawleys Island.

A member of the South Carolina Watercolor Society, Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Guild, and Georgetown Watercolor Society, Nancy's work is available at Artworks, Grayman Gallery, and Waterfront Brooks in Georgetown. She has been featured in exhibits at the Rice Museum in Georgetown as well as in other galleries and shows. Nancy enjoys pinging with other artists, friends and groups. 

Nancy's latest interest is to explore ways that creativity can open and express thoughts and feelings and help people tell their stories. 

January 2018
The Trees of the Holy Land
The Pilgrimage to the Holy Land presented me with so many amazing images. Historical and current worlds reside, side by side. The caves and tombs next to modern hotels, modern shops next to open markets, camels and cable cars in the same place. A place divided with parts of the  city walled off and certain people forbidden from entering. Some sites where women and men could not worship together. A dining area where seating was divided based on what food you were eating. A lush fertile land where the most delicious food, fruits and vegetables are produced, surrounded by areas that are steep and rocky and almost inaccessible, volcanic rock. The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. One full of life and one not. A land with such extremes from 1300 feet below sea level at the Dead Sea to 2500 feet above sea level at Jerusalem. 

Surrounded by all of these images, the one that emerged when I returned home and began painting was trees. Even though it was the desert and trees are not the first thing that comes to mind, they were there in so many places. A sign of life both new and ancient wherever I looked. Palm trees loaded with figs; olive and cedar trees overlooking the seas; and a two thousand year old tree that Jesus sat under in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I hope the viewer senses the life in these images.