141st EDITION
Camelot Animals of the Month
Phoebe & Goldie
Earlier this year we said see ya later to Georgie our beautiful crested duck! He was very much loved (and still is) with his crazy hair do and enjoyed greeting everyone in the morning but he is now living on a large farm and has made the best of friends with a Turkey!

In exchange we got Phoebe, she is the queen of the coop and lays eggs with a blue hue. We then got Goldie, a hen from an LK family and she has been a great partner in crime to Phoebe. We also have Lucky the duck (who you can see in the background) and she spends most of her days in the lazy river (her pool) and dusting off with the hay!

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Artist of the Month


"Japanese artist Yuken Teruya works with various materials such as toilet paper rolls, paper shopping bags, Monopoly paper money and butterfly chrysalises. His ideas often reflect life and history of Okinawa, his homeland. Through his recycled art project, he transforms some of the biggest names into mystical forests. Teruya uses the ancient Japanese art of Kirigami, a variation of origami which consists of cutting paper instead of simply folding it. In each bag and roll, the shape of a tree is created without adding or removing anything, just by cutting out and folding the paper from the bag itself."

Yuken Teruya, Notice-Forest: What Victory Tastes Like, 2012
Notice-Forest (Murata & Friends shot), Paper Bag,, Glue 9.1/8” x 3.3/8” x 15.3/4”, 23 cm x 8cm x 40cm, 2007, Photo Yuken Teruya
August Dates to Remember

August 1 - Tuition Due

August 4 - Water Day

August 5 - Sno Cone Day

August 10 - New Parent Orientation *Zoom

August 10 - Water Day

August 11 - Sno Cone Day

August 12 - Happy Birthday Ms.Denise - Knights Teacher

August 15 - 19 - LAST WEEK OF CAMP

August 20 - Happy Birthday Ms.Jennifer - Purple Dragons

August 22 - 30 - CAMELOT CLOSED - Professional Development

August 23 - Happy Birthday Ms.Mariah - Knights Teacher

August 31 - First Day of School for MWF / M-F Schedules
September Dates to Remember

September 1 - Tuition Due

September 1 - First Day of School for T/TH, M-F families

September 5 - Camelot CLOSED - Labor Day

September 16 - Back to School Knight

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