November 2023

Braggin' Dragon

Teacher Highlight

of the Month:


Rainbow Dragon Teacher

Here are a few fun facts about Ms.Molly!

Ms Molly is a native Southern Californian but lived in the Dominican Republic for five years & is fluent in Spanish. After eight years with Yefri she is super excited to be getting married this month in the Dominican Republic! While driving in her car, she loves to put the music on high volume and sing at the top of her lungs.

Ms Molly's WEDDING REGISTER if you would like to congratulate her.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite children's book: Elephant & Piggie Series by Mo Willems

Birthday: June 15

Favorite thing about teaching: Telling stories

Favorite places to eat: Anywhere with Sushi or Mexican food.

*reach out to admin for her full favorites list!

Word of the Month:


Career of the Month

Wildlife Biologist

"A wildlife biologist is a scientist who studies wildlife habits and environments. Those with a focus on insects may study how global warming affects the insect population, or how a rise in one species can cause the decline of another. Biologists create research studies, observe animals, gather data and advocate for wildlife."

Artist of the Month

Piet Mondrian

"Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings. Art that is abstract does not show things that are recognizable such as people, objects or landscapes. Instead artists use colors, shapes and textures to achieve their effect

As well as abstract art Mondrian was also passionate about dancing! Apparently he didn't like slow traditional dances like waltzes or tango, but enjoyed high energy, fast dancing styles! He even called one of his abstract paintings Broadway Boogie Woogie after a popular dance of the time.

When Mondrian made his paintings, he would always mix his own colors, never using the paint directly out of a tube. He often used primary colors – red yellow and blue – as in this painting."


Piet Mondrian

Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red (1937–42)


Piet Mondrian

Title Composition

Date 1916

November Parent Help Needed

Recycled Toys for Go Fish Game & Build A Buddy

We are looking for:


  • Small toys that we can recycle for a legendary game called "Go Fish" (Started 16 years ago when we could not afford new toys at the time, kids love it as they get new ones back:))

  • Old stuffed animals that are collecting dust in the play bin! From bears and frogs to bunnies. We will give them a new zest on life with some scissors and stitching - end result a one of a kind Build-a-Buddy that your kids will treasure FOREVER!!

Little bit of parent advice don't try to clean out these toys while your kids around as they will want them all back:)

Christmas Wrapping Paper Donations

We need large rolls of Christmas wrapping paper to wrap large boxes for decorating the Winter Solstice Event or you can even wrap large boxes at home and bring them in finished:)

Silent Auction Items

Silent auction items are due November 9th so please help collect these from our local businesses in preparation for it to go live on November 13th. LINK

Winter Solstice Prep - Take Home Projects

We need parents to help with making some costumes (no sewing required), cutting heads of stuffed animals, bagging go fish games, wrapping boxes in Xmas paper & other projects for our Winter Solstice. . SIGN UP HERE

November Dates to Remember

*Please always check the main calendar online and your weekly emails.


November 1 - Tuition Due

November 1 - 6 - Camelot Winter Solstice PRE-ORDER TICKETS! (Save waiting in line & enter through the VIP section with pre-ordered tickets.

November 10 - Camelot Closed - Veterans Day

November 12 - Happy Birthday Ms.Denise G., Aqua Dragons Co-Teacher

November 13 - Silent Auction - Goes LIVE - start your bidding NOW!


Our annual tradition of our all school Thanksgiving Potluck is on November 17th. All our classes join us on the green at CK and we give thanks together as a community. This is one of our biggest parent participation days and we have linked our potluck sign up below! All the left over food gets donated to our local homeless.


Find your class color and Sign Up for a Food item to bring.




November 30 - Parent Volunteer Day - 9-11am - Help us move everything out of storage ready for decoration day. SIGN UP LINK

December Dates to Remember

*Please always check the master calendar online and your weekly emails.

December 1 - Tuition Due

December 1 - Parent Volunteer Day!! 9am-3pm - LINK

If you are able to come help us decorate, bring in some heavier items from storage and move our snow ramp today is the day to help!

December 2 - Winter Solstice, 10am - 1pm (clean up 1-4pm) LINK

December 3 - Happy Birthday Ms.Viridiana, Pink Dragons Co-Teacher

December 8 - Early Dismissal at 4pm - Scheduled Teacher Event

December 11 - Morning Parent Volunteer - 8:45am -9:30am Moving Stage

December 15 - Last Day of School - Winter Show for Babies, Littles, Bigs & Rainbow (See email for more direct information)

December 15 - Parking Lot Closed

December 15 - Last Day of School - Knights Department Last Day, Early Dismissal @ 11:45am.

December 18 - January 2 - Camelot CLOSED - Winter Break

2023 Winter Solstice Links

2023 Winter Solstice Set Up and Clean Up Crew!

(Thursday, Nov, 30 - 9am - 11am)

(Friday, Dec. 1 - 9am - 3pm)

(Saturday, Dec 2 - After the event, 1pm - 4pm)

2023 Winter Solstice Parent Volunteer LINK

(Day of Winter Solstice, December 2)

2023 Winter Solstice Food Donation Sign Up LINK

(Day of Winter Solstice, December 2)

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