Join us Thur, Sept 28th and Fri, Sept 29th
for Brian Sutherland's last Florida performances

7 pm to 10 pm

Patio850 offers our guests Call Ahead seating. 15 minutes before your arrival, give us a call and we will hold a table for you. If a table is not available, we will put you on our Wait List.*

We want to give as many guests as possible the chance to enjoy sending Brian and Holly off with a warm Central Florida hug.

We don't mention this often but remember you can express your thanks for all of the amazing music we have been privileged to enjoy by slipping something in Brian's tip jar.

We are now


4 pm to 9 pm
for the season

*850's Wait List

Due to the nature of the dining experience at Patio850, we cannot tell you how long the wait for a table will be. Each dining experience is unique for each guest and we just don't know how long it will take.

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Patio850, 850 S Tennessee Ave, Lakeland, FL, 33801