Ukulele Class Offering
Beginning Ukulele Club is a virtual after-school program for beginner ukulele students in 3rd and 4th grades. Students will learn how to play the ukulele beginning with basic strumming patterns and then moving to simple chords along with learning about instrument maintenance/care and ukulele history and culture. Short, asynchronous practice time during the week will help students prepare for live lessons and foster success with learning to play. Asynchronous practice will include choice boards with live videos to direct students. Students that have taken this class previously are welcome to attend. 

October 22 - December 3 (6 week class)
3:45-4:30 PM Weekly Synchronous Session + Weekly Asynchronous Lessons and Practice - 30 minutes a week

Mrs. Prestipino's Video Introduction
Mrs. Thornton's Video Announcement

Please note:  
Sheridan students will be added to either Mrs. Thornton's or Mrs, Prestipino's class based on balancing each group to create equally small numbers or to abide by maximum number of students for each group. Sheridan parents will be contacted to determine if groups of students would like to remain together prior to the assignment of the section. Each class will receive the same instruction and content.
Director of Brainstormers - Bridget Booker

Brainstormers Administrative Assistant - Mary Beth Sauser