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April 2016 
So You Want to Have a Campaign?
S ooner or later, every non-profit organization or institution consid ers conducting a capital campaign- or, often, a "comprehensive campaign" that includes non-capital needs and counts nearly every dollar given during the official pledging period. The opening question is, of course, why go through the bother, expense and effort to launch a campaign in the first place?

There are those who hold that the day of the campaign is fading, that constituencies are getting "campaigned out", that the volunteer base traditionally associated with campaigns is a disappearing species. Here at BBI, you can't prove it by us, if the number and quality of the inquiries we're receiving are any indication. It's clear to us that the better economic times we're now enjoying are creating a high level of confidence in the future among 501(c)(3) managers and governing boards.

short answer to the "why" question is that campaigning is the most efficient way to raise large sums of money in a definable period of time. If the organization is to remain competitive, have the capacity to take appropriate programmatic initiatives, and build on its strengths, it must be able to raise sufficient dollars quickly and efficiently, and the most effective way to do that is...Read More
Spring has Finally Sprung!

ave you been tending to all your non-profit's needs? Like gardening, too little or too much of something can greatly affect the growth of an organization. Working with the Napa Valley Museum, they had this to say:

"One of my long term board members said that the role plays and asks were the best, most effective board training he had ever seen for our organization." 

Come Join Us!

April 11-15

CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference Hong Kong, SAR .

Marianne Briscoe of Brakeley Briscoe Inc. along with Lanchesca Lee and YoungWoo Choi
of Brakeley Asia will be in attendance and are
sponsors of this event.

June 12- 14 
AHP Big Ideas in Healthcare Philanthropy 2016, Denver, CO.

Brakeley Briscoe will be presenting at this conference! 

June 17 
AFP Fundraising Day in New York
New York City, NY.
George A. Brakeley III will be in attendance. 

July 17-19

CASE Summit for Leaders in Advancement
New York City, NY.

Stay tuned for more info!
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