Community First, since 1959 , has been Doing Good!
Need Temporary Suspension of a Loan Payment?
Community First is Here for Good –– and to Help!  

In most cases, if you alert us with any reasonable need, we will suspend loan payments for three months. Even on multiple loans.

Safe Haven for Your Money
Although the Federal Reserve cut overnight rates to approximately 0%, our deposit rates were only given –– by comparison –– a mere trim. 

Deposit rates at Community First continue to be among the highest among our local competitors. 

As a financial cooperative, with federally backed insurance to at least $250,000 per account, we might be the ultimate safe haven for money at times like these. Moreover, we do loans for people, and not for industries that will be adversely affected by this economic stoppage.

Deposit rates here:
Scholarship Deadline Approaching!
The Arlene Colombini scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 10 th

Once again, as it has for many years, Community First will be awarding four $1,000 scholarships to Lake and Mendocino County high school seniors and/or community college students. 

The scholarship is named for Arlene Colombini in recognition of her 60 years of service to CFCU and her community. Arlene Colombini is Community First’s longest-serving volunteer and board member.

Due to the state-wide shelter-in-place order, please consider emailing, faxing, or mailing your application rather than turning it in at your local branch. 

For more details and to download the application visit us  here

Email: Jennifer Wright,
Fax: 707-468-9028
Mail: 115 East Smith Street, Ukiah, CA 95482
Free Online Financial Education
As LOCAL schools continue to be closed, we understand parents might be looking for ways to educate, inspire and entertain their school-aged children. We have just the thing! And here’s the kicker –– there are modules for adults. 

As always, Community First is here for good, and offers a  free online financial literacy platform for its Members. We want to help our Members better understand how to save, borrow, build wealth and finance their future. We’ve contracted with Banzai, a company that has mastered the fun, interactive, and effective way to learn about finances. 

There are three “schools” from which to choose: 

Banzai Junior - Teaches kids 8-12 about the value of a dollar by starting a lemonade stand, opening up their first savings account, and watching their money GROW!

Banzai Teen - Teaches teens 13-18+ how to manage their money responsibly, how to make smart financial decisions and see the consequences of poor or good choices regarding money.

Banzai Plus - Teaches adults about smart money management, how to maintain good credit, how to qualify for a loan/mortgage. Ultimately, we know that you work hard for your money, this module presents ways for your money to work hard for you!

Our financial literacy programs are designed for every life-stage to use and benefit from; whether you are learning about money for the first time or an experienced pro buying a second home. 

Banzai also provides articles on a variety of financial topics: owning a home, fraud and security, building credit and many more to help you more knowledgeable. 

Click here to get started. 
PO Box 6004,
Santa Rosa, CA 95406