Thank you for reading the DiscoverU newsletter! DiscoverU is an exciting week, from October 17-21, for students across Seattle and South King County to explore college and career options. Each week this newsletter will provide DiscoverU updates, including new resources, activities and communications supports. 
With your participation, students of all ages will have the opportunity to explore their futures and think about how education can help them reach their dreams.
Please email with any feedback or questions.

-DiscoverU Team
DiscoverU is back!
The DiscoverU Team is excited to be back in full swing, and we hope you've all marked your calendars for October 17-21! We've got a lot of new activities and resources, all accessible on our brand-new website, which you can visit by clicking the button below. Please also be sure to like our new Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, as the previous Road Map to College accounts will no longer be updated. Stay tuned for even more resources, activities and new things happening this year!
Participant Highlight - College Success Foundation
We're continuing to highlight the variety of ways DiscoverU partners are involved in DiscoverU week. Kicking things off, our first highlight shares how ( and why) College Success Foundation is utilizing DiscoverU week to keep the conversations about career and college pathways going all year-round. 
DiscoverU Swag Pick Up & Distribution
This year we have exciting new resources for schools and community partners. Our popular DiscoverU posters are back and will continue to follow the theme of "It takes a lot of jobs to..." We have added posters that feature all of the jobs it takes to "transport goods," "protect the earth," "manage a city," and "create a video game." These make great conversation starters or backgrounds for photo booths! You can find PDF versions of the posters on "Resource" page of the DiscoverU website.
In addition to printed posters, we also have stickers and DiscoverU "My Future is Bright" photo booth kits. Each photo booth kit include pennants, sunglasses and some signs so that everyone can participate in our Friday activity day.

Printed posters, photo booth kits and stickers will be delivered to school districts on Wednesday, October 5.  Districts will then distribute the materials to individual schools through district mail or other means.
Other community partners participating in DiscoverU can pick up their swag on Wednesday, October 5, 2pm-5pm or Friday, October 7, 9am-1pm at the CCER office (1200 12th Ave. S., Suite 701, Seattle, WA 98144). If you would like to pick up these resources, please email Alejandra PĂ©rez ( ) and we will make sure they are ready for you!
Resource Highlight
If your students and families are looking for additional ways to support their college and career exploration after DiscoverU Week, point them to the Youth Program Directory. The Youth Program Directory is a comprehensive database of youth programs serving young people ages 5 to young adult. They can search over 1,000 programs by zip code, school or keyword. Check out all of the awesome college access and success and career exploration programs in our region!