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In order to support in depth exploration, of pertinent leading edge subjects, from numerous authorities and viewpoints, we are launching The Science of Magic Topic Driven Episode Collections. These collections of current and past episodes dealing with specific subject matter will periodically be made available free of charge as we send them out to our Email Family. Encourage your friends to join us! To receive their copies have them join our email family!


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As we evolve and obtain more personal empowerment a huge topic affecting all of us today is spiritual power and the responsible use thereof.

We have been dis-empowered for so long we have lost our understanding of how powerful we really are and how power works.

For generations our power has been either exploited by the systems or wield unconsciously.

In this the first of The Science of Magic Topic Driven Episode Collections my expert, progressive guests and I will explore spiritual power and how to access and responsibly wield it for the betterment of our world.

Gwilda Wiyaka

Invisible Power: Gwilda Interviews David T. Nicol, PhD

Invisible Power

..."Come," my Lakota teacher instructed. I walked behind him for quite some time till we came across a section of land washed away by a flash flood. The bank was eroded and trees uprooted. The entire stream had changed its course.
He turned to me and took my hand which still held the rock he'd given me. Opening my hand to expose the rock, he quietly stated, "Like this stone, the earth is in the palm of your hand. Never doubt your power, Wiyaka, or you will misuse it."...

~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~

Gwilda's guest this episode , David T. Nicol, PhD is the author of Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation, and the co-Founder and Executive Director of the Gaiafield Project and Institute for Subtle Activism. He is also co-founder of BeThePeace, one of the world's largest global meditation events that occurs annually on the International Day of Peace (September 21). He teaches on subtle activism in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, for the Shift Network, and for the Institute for Subtle Activism.

David's Website: 

Powered by Spirit: Gwilda Interviews Author Nancy Yearout  

Powered by Spirit

...Again, the power of the universe or spirit, if you will, is always moving, creating, destroying, transmuting and renewing. These frequencies are all available to us to channel into our world. Any perceived negative experience or circumstance can be transmuted into a positive one by looking at both sides of the picture. Being grateful for the lessons and gifts our trials and tribulations have brought, takes us out of the victim stance, empowering us to channel a wider bandwidth of frequency, and take the proper action to change our experience...

~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~

Gwilda's guest this episode, Nancy Yearout, the author of "Wake Up: The Universe is Speaking to You" is an energy worker, spiritual life coach, and motivational speaker.

Nancy's Website: www.

Take Heart:  
Gwilda Interviews Author Dr.Thomas Cowan

Path of Power

...All power is magical in nature. It begins in the occult or unseen quantum level and actually moves into the physical world through our physical bodies.

The link between the physical and the quantum level is our chakra systems. Our chakras are driven by our intent. In order to access and wield power we must therefore learn to master ourselves. Conscious intention is the key.

At first glance this may seem simple but it is amazing how much of our intent is out of our conscious control. Mostly we decide on solutions to perceived problems. These problems are usually illusionary, coming from our past experiences or traumas rather than the present moment...


~ Gwilda Wiyaka ~

Gwilda's guest this hour is Devin Hunter, the author of "The Witch's Book of Power." He holds third-degree initiations in both the Northern Star Tradition of Wicca as well as the Dianic Tradition of Witchcraft and is the founder of his own tradition, Sacred Fires. Devin's podcast, The Modern Witch, helps its global audience develop their magical abilities. Devin is currently teaching with the Black Rose School of Witchcraft.

Devin Hunter

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