Brand Licensing in Today's Global Market
As countries continue to transition from analog to digital television broadcasting, manufacturers are pushing new technologies while global TV sales continue to grow--despite the fierce battle for market share. Today's manufacturers are searching for revenue-generating strategies like brand licensing agreements for market entry. Learn about the licensing agreements currently in play and how licensors and licensees monitor changes in the ever-shifting marketplace. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER 

Should LG License OLED?    

LG is placing its largest UHDTV bet on OLED. And this technology--with its perfect blacks--seems like the obvious UHDTV answer. But, while it produces vastly superior video compared to quantum dot (aka "nano pixel") LCD, LG is the lone promoter of this UHDTV technology. IS IT ENOUGH?
The Next High-Finance Trend: Digital Tech Intangibles
The increasing integration of digital technology into consumers' lives is well documented. Even more, the extent to how it's being used as a financial tool suggests an even deeper impact on high finance and the economy at large. DTC has captured several examples highlighting the relationship between high tech intangible assets and the macro economy.  LEARN MORE

Global TV Brand Licensing Study
DTC is conducting a specialized tracking study to help companies better understand the complicated value chain and complex TV brand licensing agreements currently shaping the global marketplace. On a quarterly basis, companies participating in the study will receive dependable market intelligence on the latest brand licensing agreements, estimated number of worldwide shipments and market share by brand and licensee.

Call 214.915.0930 ext. 1 to participate. Join the annual multi-client study early and receive additional consulting from our primary analysts on this project.

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