November 2016
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Name-Brand Merchandise Fulfillment Options

Many distributors are reluctant to present brand-name merchandise to their customers for reward & recognition programs because they're concerned about availability and fulfillment - fear no more!

There are several reasons why brand name merchandise is popular in corporate gifting & recognition programs; here are just a few:
  • high perceived value (the recipient will immediately recognize the quality and value associated with the reward)
  • brand reinforcement (when your client uses merchandise that has the same attributes as their company, they're reinforcing their brand)
  • trophy value (recipients are much more likely to tell others about merchandise rewards as opposed to cash or gift cards; when it's brand-name merchandise, especially a luxury brand, even more likely to share the achievement) 
There are many myths about what brand name manufacturers can and can't do - let's debunk a few:
  • imprinting & personalization (many manufacturers will imprint, or find accommodations to imprint "carrier" pieces such as a luggage tag or engraved base)
  • individual drop-shipping (many factories have drop-ship capabilities or they contract with national fulfillment houses that can)
  • custom packaging, wrapping & enclosures (national fulfillment houses are able to provide these custom capabilities as well as put packages together to ship as one unit)
  • program management (some of these national fulfillment houses handle multiple brands and can manage complete programs for you, including program administration and reporting)
The 2015 ASI State of the Industry Survey reports that Distributors believe the #1 threat is online promotional products companies. The top way in which they intend to combat this is to expand their services. Selling brand-name merchandise for reward & recognition and corporate gift programs could be one of the ways to expand.

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Replink is the brand-name incentives, reward & recognition merchandise's version of ESP or SAGE. With this search engine, we can identify merchandise by price point, category, country of manufacture, theme, etc.

Replink allows us to provide you with a complete presentation including images and pricing that you can simply forward to your customer.

Contact us today and we'll show you how easy it is to present brand-name merchandise for your client's next project!

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