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  • Cooking Lessons!
  • Featured Recipes: Chickpea Protein Balls & Veggie Curry
  • Featured Health Tip: Spring Into Healthy Running
  • Partner Spotlight on Natural Heart Medicine
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~ Cooking Lessons with Whole Health Chefs ~

Cooking Lessons!

With completely customizable formats, they are perfect for any occasion.

  • One on one with a chef or with a group!
  • Virtual or in person
  • Demonstration-style or hands on
  • Lesson plans are custom and options are endless

Some lessons include:

  • How to Sous Vide
  • Sauces: 5 mother sauces to step your home chef game 
  • Stocks and Broths
  • Vinaigrettes: How to make endless combinations and never buy bottled again!
  • Seasonal Cooking 
  • How to Braise 
~ Featured Recipes ~
These easy chickpea protein balls taste like bites of raw chocolate chip cookie dough and are Vegan, Gluten Free and Sugar Free too. 
Here is a low carb recipe that uses coconut milk as the main fat source to make a delicious, loaded curry that is flavorful, packed full of all the nutrients of all the different veggies, and can be made with any protein you desire without affecting the amount of carbs per serving.
~ Featured Health Tip ~
For me, running is a relatively new hobby. I started running regularly last March when we all went into quarantine. I remember that first mile. I couldn’t breath. My wife’s sister laughing at me for how fast I got out of breath. I really struggled through it, running an eleven minute mile, if you call that running. And I thought to myself, “you know what, I can do better!"
~ Partner Spotlight on Dr. Wolfson at Natural Heart Doctor~
Learn more about working with the Paleo Cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson, and his team at Natural Heart Doctor!
We are a holistic primary care office located in Paradise Valley, AZ.
We offer remote and in person primary care with Dr. Wolfson, our ND Dr. Lauren Lattanza, or our nurse practitioner Chelsea Hoese!
In addition, we offer extensive functional lab testing and health coaching/nutrition services.

About Dr. Wolfson:
Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist who was fed up with the “sick care” model and decided to do something about it. For years, Dr. Jack was a hospital cardiologist, implanting pacemakers, performing heart angiograms and writing prescriptions for an endless supply of pharmaceuticals. But after seeing thousands of ill people and witnessing the death of his father, Dr. Jack was ready for a revelation.
That revelation would be in the form of a recent graduate of chiropractic school. After Dr. Heather spent four years earning her doctorate, a serendipitous meeting would force their life paths to collide. Dr. Heather opened the eyes and the heart of Dr. Jack to the only road leading to true health. The metamorphosis of Jack was quick.
The Japanese have a word for “sudden enlightenment”. It is called satori. 
Together as The Drs. Wolfson, Dr. Jack and Dr. Heather speak the truth. Time has run out for many people. The world needs health care leaders to spearhead real prevention and real wellness. Humans were built to thrive, not just survive. This is what The Drs. Wolfson and / offer.
We have two websites, both with a plethora of free information and blog posts on numerous health topics and natural healing:
Sign up for a FREE initial 20-minute coaching call to see how we can help you:
Also, for friends of Whole Health Everyday chef services, grab a copy of Dr. Wolfson's book The Paleo Cardiologist for FREE (just pay shipping & handling): 
~Articles Our Chefs Are Reading~

Our chefs are continuously educating themselves on the latest news and information in the world of food and health. Here are some of the articles our chefs are reading today:

"Perfect Snack Pairings" - Find some truly healthy snacking options!

"Replace Meat with Mushrooms for Decreased Risk of Early Death" - Eating a lot of red or processed meat? A replacement option to satisfy your cravings may be mushrooms.

"Can You Eat 130 Seitan Burgers?" - Have you heard about seitan burgers?

Tell us what you're reading about food and health!
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~ In Our Kitchen ~
Our chefs are always coming up with new creations!
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