SEPT 2019

In our latest episode of Things Explained, we look at the importance of pollinators like bees and the important role they play in our daily lives in Georgia. We also explain the world-wide decline in bee population and why this is so alarming.

It helps us learn. It strengthens our memories. It calms us down. So why not regularly bring it into your classroom?

Because music has an equally powerful influence on the way students learn and feel, below are ways it can be incorporated into the classroom. 

On September 17th at 1:00 PM EST, iCivics will partner with Discovery Education to present a special virtual viewing party for students and teachers in observance of Constitution Day 2019.

During this unique, no-cost event, teachers and students will explore the United States' Constitution, examine the rights the Constitution guarantees all Americans, and investigate ways today's students can participate in civic life.

If asked to look back on your favorite class in grade school, you'd likely describe an environment that made you feel safe and valued, led by a teacher with whom you had a good relationship. These elements are essential when it comes to building a positive learning environment. Check out these tips and strategies you can use in the first days, weeks, and months in order to create the classroom environment you want for your students. 
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