Mark Your Calendar for Virtual Networking!
All TPC-related staff are encouraged to participate in one of the upcoming Fall Medication Assistance Roundtables. These Roundtables are designed to brief TPC users on how various changes in healthcare relate to the availability of free & discounted medicines and possible alternatives. Together we will discuss the ways each utilizes The Pharmacy Connection, upcoming enhancements, exchange ideas, and share accomplishments and challenges. Mark your calendars and plan to attend one of these sessions: November 12th, November 16th, November 18th! More details & registration will be available soon! 
Alert! Important Changes Regarding Brandname Inhalers
Merck’s PAP is no longer accepting new applications or re-enrollments for Proventil HFA as of October 1, 2021. Patients currently enrolled in the Merck PAP for Proventil HFA will continue to receive refills through 12/31/2021. To confirm your patient’s eligibility status, please contact the Merck Patient Assistance Program at 1-800-727-5400.

GSK’s Patient Assistance Program will fully remove Ventolin HFA as of 1/1/2022 for all patients. The program stopped accepting new patient applications for this product on 7/1/2021. The last day for existing patients to submit a renewal application or renewed prescription for Ventolin HFA is 12/15/2021.

Other FREE Inhalers such as Combivent Respimat (BI Cares), ProAir HFA & ProAir Respiclick (Teva Cares) are still available in TPC through other PAPs. Albuterol Sulfate HFA (Rx Outreach) is available for a low cost.

Check out the TPC mobile medication app for additional alternatives so providers can determine the best fit for patients who are unable to access Proventil HFA and Ventolin HFA once these changes go into effect.
Highlights of Important PAP Updates & Resources
New Behavioral Health, High Cholesterol & Migraine Medications Now Available!
Staff regularly adds new medications to TPC for your patients as they become approved and added to PAPs for chronic and specialty diseases. Here are some recent additions:

  • Evkeeza (Cardiovascular – Dyslipidemia)
  • Invega Hafyera (Psychiatric - Schizophrenia)
  • Qelbree (Psychiatric - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-ADHD)
  • Qulipta (preventive treatment of episodic migraines in adults)

GSK’s PAP Removed Select Products as of October 1, 2021
  • Coreg CR (Cardiovascular – Beta Blocker)
  • Jalyn (Nephrology/Urology-BPH)
  • Rythmol SR (Cardiovascular – Antiarrhythmics)
  • Soriatane (Dermatologic - Soriatane)

Alternative FREE brandname and low-cost generic options for these products can be reviewed by providers here.

Select Pfizer Products Transition to Viatris in December 2021

Beginning January 1, 2022, the following medications will transition to the Viatris Patient Assistance Program: Caduet, Detrol, Detrol LA, Inspra and Relpax. Patients will need to reenroll upon the expiration of eligibility. Other Pfizer products listed on the Viatris website may be available for patients through an appeal process where providers deem a product medically necessary. More information will become available at beginning December 1, 2021.

Check out Other Program Changes in TPC Under Research! 

Low-Cost Nebulizers Available in TPC from Global Links

Nebulizers are available in TPC through the Breathe Hope program at Global Links (a nonprofit based in Pittsburgh). This program collects gently used nebulizers, refurbishes each unit, and distributes them to clinics serving vulnerable patients. Nebulizers are available to charitable organizations who have a staff or volunteer healthcare provider who has the authority to prescribe medical equipment and medications. Nebulizers can be shipped in quantities of 5 for $15 per unit (shipping included). Each unit comes with one replacement filter, 2 kits containing tubing and mouthpieces, and a user’s manual and pictogram instruction sheet. Pediatric masks are available upon request. Nebulizers can be requested with the online Breathe Hope Nebulizer Request & Waiver form available in TPC under the Patient Supply Formulary. All TPC organizations across the U.S. are eligible to apply. For more information or questions about the program, email
Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming
TPC Virtual Trainings & Monthly Support Calls
Sign up for an online TPC training session if you are new to your organization and need to learn the basics. If you currently use TPC and are looking to refresh your skills or want to learn about additional advanced features, sign up for Advanced Training.

We also host monthly calls where we provide updates and give users the opportunity for a Q & A session. It’s also a great opportunity to brainstorm and learn from other TPC users. All sessions are Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to check the website for additional dates!

TPC Beginner Training

TPC Advanced Training

Monthly Support Calls (10 – 11am)
  • October 20
  • December 8
  • January 19
  • February 16

Registration is not required to participate in the monthly calls. Zoom details are emailed out the week before and the week of the calls to current users.

Check out some of the most Frequently Asked Questions in TPC!
Information Regarding Medicaid Changes During the Public Health Emergency, Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment and More!
Virginia Medicaid Members: Prescription Medications Update

During the COVID-19 health emergency, Virginia Medicaid members could get a 90-day supply of all their prescription medicines.

Starting October 1, 2021, Medicaid members may still be able to get 90-day supplies of some prescriptions. Other medicines will be available in a 34-day supply, a return to the policy in place before the health emergency.

The drugs still available in 90-day supplies include many of the medicines on the Preferred Drug List used most often by members. These medicines require long-term use for health conditions. If your medicines qualify for a 90-day supply, you will first receive two shorter refills of 34-days each. After these two shorter refills, you will return to refills lasting 90 days.

If your medicine is not eligible for longer-term supplies, you will return to 34-day supplies of your prescriptions.

Public Health Emergency (PHE) Updates and Reminders

The COVID-19 Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) has been officially extended until mid-October 2021, and will likely continue through the end of 2021, at the earliest. This means that no Virginians should lose Medicaid/FAMIS coverage for failure to complete a renewal during the PHE. For more information, click here.

Temporary Policy Change Makes More Afghan Evacuees Eligible for Medicaid

Due to a recent federal policy change, adult Afghan evacuees who enter the U.S. with Humanitarian Parole status no longer have to meet the 5-year residency requirement (sometimes called the “5-year bar”) to be eligible for Medicaid. Read more here!

NEW Special Enrollment Period on the Health Insurance Marketplace

Did you or someone you know miss the August 15, 2021 Special Enrollment deadline? Those who were eligible for unemployment benefits at any time during 2021 are now eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), to buy health insurance through the Marketplace. This means they do not have to wait for the Open Enrollment Period to shop for a Marketplace plan.

This SEP is only available to Virginians through a special process. If you think your client may be eligible for this SEP, contact a Navigator or Certified Application Counselor (CAC) to apply. Find a local Navigator or CAC at

Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace is November 1, 2021 – January 15, 2022

Most Virginians will need to sign up during the Open Enrollment Period to have coverage in 2022. Those who do not sign up during Open Enrollment may not be able to sign up for 2022 coverage, unless they lose other health insurance coverage (including Medicaid/FAMIS); move outside their current insurer’s covered area; or have a qualifying life event, like getting married or having/adopting a child.
Virginians interested in purchasing health insurance through the Marketplace can find a local Navigator or CAC at, or go to, or call 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) to apply on their own.

Fall and Winter 2021 SignUpNow Training Dates Announced!

Need information on Virginia’s Medicaid/FAMIS programs, including NEW FAMIS Prenatal (coverage for undocumented pregnant women), the Adult Dental Benefit, and changes to Medicaid due to the Public Health Emergency? Register to attend a SignUpNow workshop at

SignUpNow teaches the “ins and outs” of the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and post-enrollment information for Virginia’s Medicaid/FAMIS programs:

  • New Adult Coverage
  • Programs for children and pregnant women
  • Plan First (family planning)
  • Low Income Families with Children (LIFC) program
  • Medicaid for Former Foster Care Youth