Berry Brazelton triggered a scientific revolution that transformed pediatric practice and inquiry, and led to the fields of developmental behavioral pediatrics, infant mental health, and family engagement. His approach to the study and care of young children, and their families was so far ahead of its time that much of its potential remains untapped. As a researcher and practitioner, Dr. Brazelton stood with parents, facing together with them the challenges of their times. 

Innovation was at the core of Dr. Brazelton’s way of understanding infants and children, uplifting parents’ expertise, and changing professionals’ mindsets. Out of it came breakthroughs like Touchpoints, a transformative approach to child, parent and professional development, and the Newborn Behavioral Observation, a clinical tool that helps babies speak to their parents.  

Building on its origins in innovation, the Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC) is developing accessible, scalable and sustainable solutions for today’s challenges: