The BTC Learning Network welcomes three new members this September:
These new members join nearly 70 other communities and programs around the country and the world that are part of a national and international learning network actively using the Touchpoints Approach in their family engagement practice.
As part of the Learning Network, members:
  • Develop capacity for strengths-based family engagement
  • Promote effective practices for supporting strong family relationships
  • Build understanding of children’s behavior and its role in family engagement
  • Engage in on-going professional development, mentoring, and coaching
  • Cultivate and sustain professional cultures of positive family engagement
  • Generate and disseminate new knowledge that bridges theory to practice, and practice to theory
Through the Learning Network, members gain:
  • Know-how to define and co-create meaningful family engagement
  • Understanding of children's behavior as their language, and effective responses for promoting development and parental mastery
  • Skills that support impactful family engagement
  • Strategies to support provider practice and continuous quality improvement