Brazil Week in Newark 2017 

Expo Brazil
Lavagem da Rua 46, Brazilian Cultural Parade and Carnival 
Brazilian Day Festival

Brazil Week  is a free event which promotes the Brazilian culture, tourism and business in the United States through a series of activities that take place annually in the last week of August. 

Brazil Week is in its ninth year, seven years in New York and two years in Newark giving lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, cultural presentations, fashion shows and business round tables.

Over the years, Brazil Week has given various Brazilian artists the opportunity to exhibit their diverse works, such as photography, films, the plastic arts, poetry, theater, fashion, music and dance performances.This year Brazil Week celebrates its third year in Newark with a tribute to the Brazilian  woman. This  year the Brazilian Day Festival event, brings to Newark the traditional  Lavagem  da  Rua  46, a cultural parade.

The event will also feature displays of the typical clothes of ethnic folklore of these states through artistic and cultural exhibitions, musical performances, dance, lectures and workshops.

Expo Brazil Exhibition "Women of Power and Axé" Exhibition
The Expo Brazil at City Hall brings the exhibition highlighting the significant role of women in Brazilian society, "Women of Power"and Axé. Other activities include, lectures, musical performances, film screening, debates and book launch are on the agenda at Expo Brazil.
In 2017, the Expo Brazil honors women who have made a difference in Brazil's history and society and promote Ethnic Tourism. Under the themes "Women of Power and Axé", two cultural exhibits shed light on the Brazilian woman's struggle for equal rights and their achievements. The first part of the exhibition highlights the courage of the warriors of Tejucupapo (village of the 17th century distant 60 km from Recife), the Bahia Maria Quitéria and the African Luísa Mahin. Dolls of the warriors of the colonial period, will be a composite of the environment that also brings the exposure of photographs of Brazilian women who struggle for a better world and make a difference in society today. The second segment of the exhibition presents the sacred and spiritual power of Women with Axé and the strength of the Orixás Iemanjá, Oxum and Iansã, they legacy and popularity those African deities associate with catolicismo is the most beautiful sacred and profane annual celebration in Brazil. Other activities include, lectures, musical performances, film screening, debates and book launch are on the agenda at Expo Brazil.
August 30th, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Opening Ceremony

Brazil Week At The Newark City Hall
In 2017, Brazil Week honors women who have made a difference in Brazil's history and society and promote Ethnic Tourism. Under the themes "Women of Power and Axé", two cultural exhibits.
Venue: Newark City Hall
Date: Aug. 30 to Sept. 30 
Time: 9am to 5pm daily 
Brazil Week's Official Opening Ceremony
Opening Music presentation by Alexandre Cavalcante
Welcome the Brazilian Committee Arriving at City Hall
Official opening of the Brazil Week Exhibition at City Hall
Mr. Mayor Ras Baraka, of Newark, NJ, greets Mrs. Luislinda Valois, Minister of Human Rights and Citizenship of Brazil and Lucia Maierá, Deputy Consul General Consul-General of Brazil in New York.
"Salute to Mulheres de Poder e Axé" Presentation pays a tribute to the deities of Afro Brazilian Religious Candomblé and to all Women with power and their way of life. 
Cultural Music and Dance Performance by;
Davi Vieira, Alexandre Cavalcante, Monika Oliveira,Joana Nova York, Ana Fernandes, Janete Silva,Cidinha Oliveira, Daniele Lima and Dancers ensemble, Nao Yamada and Samba New York Group.
MC Gorges Roberts introduces the event 
Official Public Introduction by Mr Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark, NJ to the Brazilian Dignitaries and guests.
Mantena Care Global Kids
American and Brazilian National Anthem
MC Gorges Roberts invites the drummers  and every one to go outside.
Drummers and dancers lead the public outside
Brazilian Flag will be raised outside of The City Hall building.
MC George Roberts announcements
Opening remarks by Mr. Ras Baraka, Mayor of Newark, NJ
Speech by Closing remarks byMinister of Human Rights Luislinda Valois from Brazil,Lucia Maierá Deputy Consul General Consulate General of Brazil.
Mrs.Silvana Magda, CEO and Producer S.M. Viva Brazil Inc., Brazil Week and Lavagem da Rua 46, Brazilian Cultural Parade and Carnival, Mr. Jose Moreira, CEO and Producer of the Brazusa Cultural Center and Brazilian Day Festival.
Fashion Show by Simone Rodrigues
Makeup and hair by Cleiva Allakani
7:20pm to 8pm
Cocktails / Gran Finale
In addition, all will be treated to a Brazilian Dance Presentation. 

August 31 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Round table discussion on Woman's Empowerment
Venue: Newark City Hall Address: 920 Broad St,
Newark, New Jersey 07102
Meeting led by Her Excellency, Luislinda Valois, Minister of State for Human Rights, who will launch her book "Black thinkers of Brazil". Round table discussion with Brazilian Women seeking opportunities in foreign lands.
The attendees of this Round Table panel will be The Ambassador Ana Petersen, Consul-General of Brazil in New York, Mrs. Anita Mignone from Mignone Lazaro Law Firm, LLC  Lay form, Mrs. Solange Paizante, Mantena Global Care, Mrs.Esther Sanches Community Lead and Mrs.Ligia de Freitas. Senior Mayor's  Aide.
Music Presentation By Nina.


September 02, 2:00 p.m.
''Co-Naming Ceremony"
At Ferry St, Chambers St
Newark, New Jersey.
Chambers Street received the name of our country, which has always been a dream of our Brazilian community, it will now be officially inaugurated at Chambers St. with the name "Brazil Square", the Corner of Happiness.
This day will be celebrated with a civic ceremony with various Brazilian and international authorities and lots of music and dance.
1pm - DJ Junior Opens the stage inviting everyone to attend the   opening of Brazilian Day
2pm - DJ calls on stage hosts George Roberts and Brazilian TV celebrity Ticiane Pinheiro
2:15pm - The hosts call to the stage the authorities
                 Mr. Mayor Ras Baraka and Organizers
                 Silvana Magda and José Moreira.
                 They are then introduced to the public.
2:35pm - Ticiane Pinheiro invites the  singer
               Arthur Jardim to sing the American National Anthem
2:45pm - George Roberts invites singer Joanna Nova York
                to sing the Brazilian National Anthem
2:50pm - George Roberts Invites Mr. Mayor Ras Baraka,
                Ministra Luislinda Valois, Minister of Human Rights
                and Citizenship of Brazil,  Minister  Roberto Ardenguy, Cônsul-Geral Adjunto, (Other authorities present), Silvana Magda and José Moreira speak on the event.
The cloth is removed from the plate and it is officially
co-named "Brazil Square"
2:55pm -   MC George Roberts thanks everyone and invites them
                to the Brazilian Day Stage location "All the Rhythms"
                Samba New York and Daniela Lima and dancers
                lead the way
3pm - 4pm -  DJ Junior Commands Party
4pm - 4:30pm -  Samba NY and singer Ana Fernandes
4:40pm - 5pm - DJ Junior
5:pm - 6pm - Joana Nova York performs
6:pm - 7pm - MC George calls to the stage the international
                     attraction directly from Brazil - Nina.
7pm - 8pm - Direct from Brazil, Edu Casanova
8pm - 9pm - Direct from Brazil, Magary Lord
9pm -10pm - Evellin special guest Direct from Brazil/
                     Casa Nova Band
10pm -11pm - Direct from Brazil, Trem Bala
11pm -12pm - Direct from Brazil, Luxuria Band


September 03
Lavagem da Rua 46 in Newark
Brazilian Cultural Parade and Carnival
From Penn Station, parade along Ferry Street 
End at Chambers Street (Brazil Square)
The Lavagem da Rua 46 is a cultural parade that has been going on for eight years in the United States. 
In 2017, it will make its debut on The Brazilian Day of Newark. The parade begins at Penn Station and Ferry Street,
and goes along Ferry and ends at Niagara
and Chambers Street. (Brazil Square)
The participants in the parade will be accompanied by
 passers-by, drums from samba schools, Samba dancers, Capoeiristas,Baianas, frevo dancers and many more, all dressed up in colorful costumes. Each wing of the parade brings some of the traditions from all regions of Brazil.

 8am - Preparation of the Carnival participants
          at the Firehouse, 56 Prospect Street. Newark
10am - Concentration at Newark Penn Station
11am - Positioning of authorities and floats
11:30am - Departure of the parade
1pm - Arrival at Chambers St.(Brazil Square).

Sept. 2 & 3
Brazilian Day Newark Festival 
1:00 p.m. to 11:00pm 
Ferry Street with Niagara Street 

Brazilian Day Stage
1pm - DJ Erv Master
2pm - Official Opening, George Roberts and Ticiane Pinheiro
2pm - Special thanks to the Mayor of Newark New Jersey
Mr. Ras Baraka, Silvana Magda and Jose Moreira
Opening with the American National Anthem by Arthur Jardim
followed by the Brazilian National Anthem by Joanna Nova York
3pm - Samba NY stage performance
3:15pm- Judges and stage preparation for Queen of Samba competition
4pm - 5pm The Queen of Samba contest
5pm - Host MC Kadu Cristo takes the stage
5pm - 6pm - DJ Erv Master
6pm - 7pm - Direct from Brazil, singer Luis Marcell
7pm - 8pm - Direct from Brazil, Evellin Oliveira
8pm - 10pm - Calcinha Preta
10pm -11pm- Santa Fe / Casa Nova
11pm -12am- MC George Roberts and MC Kadu Christ calls the invites the Organizers and artists present to close the evening.

For more information, please contact Silvana Magda.       Email:    Tel: (917) 528-8151