March Newsletter
On February 25, Flying High 4 Haiti and The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne celebrated the VI Annual Brazilian Night.

It was a night of music, art, food, and lots of fun!

We would like to thank all the people who were able to attend and those who participated in the annual raffle

Enjoy some videos and photos from this memorable night and find many more on the FH4H instagram @flyinghighforhaiti.
Thank you Sponsors!
The VI Brazilian Night was a wonderful success! For such a great night, we have to thank all the sponsors who made it possible:

The Rotary Club of Key Biscayne
Subtree Finance
Miami Reinsurance Golf Foundation
Magic Organic Meals
Churrasco Brazil Catering
Office of Commissioner Raquel Regalado
Jakmel Art Galery
Omni Resort Championsgate
Sailing Conation
Jennifer Adeo
The Golden Hog
Islander News
Ibis Studio
FH4H is also very grateful for the excellent live performances by the artists:
David Banegas
Maria Rosa Abad
Pilar Honorato

Brazilian Night proceeds Follow Up
The $11,739 proceeds of the VI Brazilian Night will be applied directly towards helping Ecole Saint Michel in Les Cayes. After the earthquake on August 14th 2021, Saint Michel was left in ruins and 700 students without classrooms. The school is temporarily using tents that FH4H donated to continue classes, but Saint Michel is looking for a more sustainable solution. The proceeds from the Brazilian Night will be used to continue building steady wooden structures as a midterm solution, so students can continue their education even as storms get more frequent.
Ecole Saint Michel before the earthquake
Ecole Saint Michel after the earthquake
Classes in the tents
New wooden classrooms
More Great News from Ile-a-Vache
Water Filter Distribution
Last month, FH4H organized a 'training the trainers' workshop to ensure that the leaders of the communities receiving the donated Sawyer water filters know exactly how to use them so they can transmit the knowledge to the 250 neighbor families that already received them.

Next Tuesday, there will be another training where 100 water filters will be delivered.

With these water filters, families will have access to clean water. This means that waterborne diseases can be prevented.

A heartfelt Thank You to all the donors that made it possible!
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