The Anatolia region of Turkey dates back to the Paleolithic, or the Old Stone Age. Or better yet, a period lasting roughly 2.5 million years. Oh, and by the way, the Indo-European language likely began there as well. Maybe you are German or Greek. Iranian or Slavic. Albanian or Italian. The list goes on. Regardless, this is where language more or less began for three-quarters of the world. Language starts with the basics. Among the fundamental basics is bread. It took us a while to get there, but we think it's worth the explanation. 

Anatolia is among the oldest if not the oldest consistently inhabited regions of modern man in the world. Many civilizations have risen and fallen, but one thing has remained constant  –  bread. Bread didn't begin round or shaped in an oblong baguette. It began flat and was either heated on stones, in an oven, or fried. Just like it still is today in Anatolia. 

Our oblong rectangular dough bowls are all well over 50 years old. Many much older. They were used to make bread. Flatbread and a few other forms as well. They are stunning. We try not to use the term  Wabi-Sabi  with abandon, but tell us we are wrong. Everyone is perfect in its subtle imperfection. A few designers (who have sworn us to secrecy) have used them as objet d'art . Others have used them to hold towels and others have used them in restaurants to retain anything from bottles of wine to full cheese displays.  

These are among our favorite pieces. We have a limited and diverse selection ranging from roughly 12”x 24” to 24”x 36”. 
Best and love,