Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Here's another way you can feel great with less medications.  If you've been held captive long enough and are ready to remain active, taking a walk outdoors is a great way to reduce anxiety, boost your vitamin D and protect your immune system (while keeping your distance). It’s why I wanted you to know about Z Coil Shoes, why I love them, wear them and recommend them.
How it Works
Does your back pain, hip, knee or foot pain stop you in your tracks? This shoe is for you! Most of your pain originates from every step you take. Imagine driving your car without a suspension system, no shocks or thick rubber tires. It would be a really rough ride. Your body is impacted in the same way without adequate support.
Feelin' Good never goes out of style
Step into a pair of ZCoil Shoes . The spring loaded heel corrects subtle imbalances in your gait and your stride. It absorbs the shock so your body doesn’t have to. ZCoil Shoes were developed by an avid runner, Al Gallegos, now 88 years of age. He's never needed corrective surgeries. Now, that’s the kind of health I want for you! 
Get Your Bounce Back
It's time you put a glide in your stride. I f you’re walking city streets, hiking on trails, spending long hours on your feet or simply sitting too much, you’ll want to prevent unnecessary pain. Wear the shoe that works to keep YOU healthy and well.

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