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How are you settling into this quarantine life so far? There are plenty of highs and lows, to be sure. As each of us try to stabilize our new set of routines, are you being kind to yourself? Have you been taking breaks and making time for yourself? Remember this: Whatever you're doing right now, it is enough.

If you're looking for ideas on how to slow down and take care of your mind and body, please join us on Tuesday, May 5 for some reflection and mindfulness practice. We will be creating a space (online, of course!) for our PEPS community to gather, collectively slow down, and learn how mindfulness can help us in getting through these uncertain times. We'd love to see you there! You can save your virtual seat here.

We hope that you'll also take a few minutes to see what we've got for you this month. We're sharing resources on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders; how to identify them in its many forms and where to find information and help. Perhaps you find yourself using your phone and other devices more...How much is too much and what are some ways we can be intentional about this effective, yet addictive tool? Learn about age-appropriate content and where to find it below.

And to all the mothers out there, we are thinking of you during this coming Mother's Day! We see you. We celebrate you. We are cheering you on

Stay healthy and well,
Your team at PEPS

P.S. As always, please let us know what you think. Email us ideas and share what topics you'd like to learn more about.
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Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

In many countries, as many as 1 in 5 mothers will experience some type of PMADs. Check out these resources put together by World Maternal Mental Health for support, research, and media from around the globe.

Learn to identify the symptoms of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and its many forms.

Facts about PMADs and what can help.
(Estimated reading time: 7 mins)

Relief can begin with a phone call or click. Find local resources and information or speak with someone who has experienced perinatal mood disorder and recovered through Perinatal Support Washington. English and Spanish speakers are available.
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Screentime & Technology

How much screen time is reasonable for my child? The definitive answers to frequently-asked screen-time questions from Common Sense Media
(Estimated reading time: 9 mins)

Emily Cherkin, local founder of The Screentime Consultant and former PEPS Parent and Board Member, shares this age-by-age guide to screentime.
(Estimated reading time: 8 mins)

Why is it so hard to put down my phone? 7 simple tips for adults to get unhooked.
(Estimated reading time: 4 mins)

Watch this TEDxSeattle Talk on children and media, with Dr. Dmitri Christakis, a pediatrician and researcher from Seattle Children’s Hospital.
(Estimated viewing time: 16 mins)
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Self-Compassion & Mindfulness

Listen to this audio recording on mindful self-compassion for parents, created specifically for PEPS families.
(Estimated listening time: 7 mins)

Think you might be too busy to meditate? Check out these simple ways parents can consider to introduce a meditation practice into their (hectic!) daily lives. (Estimated reading time: 6 mins)

Looking for some science-based mindfulness practices? Visit Greater Good in Action and discover new practices in mindfulness and self-compassion.

Baby Cues
How to Keep Your Newborn Safe and Healthy During COVID-19

With how things are with COVID-19 today, many parents will naturally worry about how their children may be impacted and what preventative measures can be taken. A local Seattle family physician shares some of her answers here.
(Estimated reading time: 9 mins) 
Being a new parent is already one of life's most challenging milestones. Being a parent in the midst of a pandemic means dealing with a whole slew of unprecedented new challenges and uncertainty. PEPS is committed to creating communities of support for new and expecting parents in new ways through these unsettling times. But we can't do it alone.

Please consider sending your gift (and love) during GiveBIG, a statewide online giving campaign on May 5 and 6. Early giving is open - please donate what you can today! New and expecting parents need us now more than ever.
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