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This August We Focus On...

Got Sports? How to get back into the groove without a breakdown!

Break it down, so you don't! What I mean is, break down each new into its tasks. Let's say adding a sport to your child's life involves 8 pieces. It doesn't have to be so hard and you don't have to go it alone. We've found some helpful apps/articles for each of these tasks. Click and learn!

1. Prep. Gear and its maintenance. Annual physical exam/paperwork submission (see below for discounted exam!). 
2. Transportation to. Practice and games. 
3. Transportation from. Practice and games. 
7. Cost

Have a family meeting about who and when and how your team can pull this endeavor off. Get resourceful and together develop a system for each piece. Set a dinner date to check-in again, as a team, to re-evaluate the systems, then tweak and try again.

Need a sports physical? 
(30 min exam and form completion)

$65 during month
of Sept. only.

Offer Expires 9/30/18. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.
What's nu?

Fall isn't the only thing in the air, adenovirus, influenza virus, and rhinovirus are also a float. At the first sign of infection, pop in for a hydrotherapy treatment. You'll feel better upon leaving and the treatment will shorten the duration and intensity of the infectious illness. Safe for all ages. 

The treatment takes 45 mins to 1 hour. It involves the use of cold wet and hot wet towels as well as sine wave electrical stimulation. The combination of these applications stimulates the production of your fighter immune cells and their circulation. It can also help moderate a fever reaction to help your body use fever to its advantage and overcome infection. 

dr. neale's blog: leap and the bridge will appear...
This quick blog is inspired by my mom, she just turned 70. At this moment she is kayaking in the puget sound amongst killer whales with a dear friend, a fellow golden girl. Happy birthday mom. 

We often find ourselves in wait. In wait to start something, or to say yes to something, or to say no to someone. 

The wait seems to be mixed up with 'the how.' It's darn hard to figure out 'the how,' no? Well as my mom has taught me, she offers, in Italian Jersey vernacular, with a single wave of the wrist, "forget about it." Too true mom. Perhaps we should forget about the how. I've practiced. Now I leap and either fall or the bridge appears. I'll tell you one thing, for sure, it beats waiting. Leap my friend. Leap. 
A HUGE thank you to Kathy Carlisle for the beautiful portraits. Check her out at and
I'm thoroughly honored and humbled to have your trust and to be on this journey together with you. I look forward to seeing you soon! 


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