MONTHLY SCOOP                                                                                                                           FEBRUARY 2015
Sunday, February 15th @ 12pm 

Breakfast determines your energy for the rest of the day! 

Join us for an educational session with Eli Markstrom, a long time personal trainer and nutrition researcher and educator. He will help you understand the various carbohydrates and the importance of blood sugar. Eli will show you the components of a healthy breakfast and how to put it together so you can maintain energy throughout the day. 

Still need a plan for Valentine's Day?
There are a couple of spots left in our Valentine's Day Partner Yoga Class
and blind Champagne tasting!
Early bird pricing ends today! Don't miss out!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 650-400-2127.


Anjanette + Carter


Book Club

I love to read; and I am a perpetual student of life! Though I love a good leisure, fictional novel, I spend most of my reading hours learning about something that challenges me to grow. 

Many of you have enjoyed finding your Enneagram type in The Wisdom of the Enneagram book at the studio. It's fascinating how accurate and enlightening it is to know yourself a little better. To be honest with you, the Enneagram saved our relationship! We honestly probably wouldn't be married today if we weren't introduced to this method of understanding ourselves and each other. And life is just easier knowing!

So if you are curious about why you react the way you do, what your core motivating factor is, and understanding the same in others, join us at 7:00pm on Friday, Feb 27th, and then again on Friday, Mar 13th. Purchase the book in advance online and do the simple test on pages 14 & 15 to determine your number! 

Kids' Korner

These kids are on their way to a healthier lifestyle! Through yoga, kids will gain numerous benefits - concentration, strength, self-confidence, listening skills...! We currently have classes for kids under 2 years (Baby & Me), kids 3-5 years*, and kids 6-9 years. Visit our website to find the right class for your child.  

*Kids 3-5 years now on Sundays!
Kids 10-class cards are available and may be shared with siblings.

Pre & Post-natal also available on Sundays!

Green Smoothie Corner 

     Smoothie card holders and jar exchangers: Please bring your jars ieach time you do an exchange. This is helpful for our jar inventory which is why we offer a discount for exchanges.
     Also, dishwashers are harsh on our lids so simply rinse each piece and we will wash and reuse them. We do our best to reuse every jar, lid, and ring. If it's going to be a while before you return the jar, please leave the lid off to avoid mold growth.
Thanks for your help with this! 


Studies show that working out with a partner benefits your workouts and increases your success rate in maintaining your fitness goals.

We are here to help you create lasting lifestyle changes! Sometimes making those changes are tough! Sometimes it's just easier to find a reason why we "can't" get to the studio. You're not alone... and someone else at our studio could use your help!

Sign up to be an accountability partner! You will help someone stay on track, and they'll help you! It's a win-win! 

Call us to get matched up with a partner at 650-400-2127, or email us at


As we grow classes become more crowded. And though we hate to turn anyone away, we do limit our class sizes, which is why we suggest pre-registering for each class. 

To allow a more full and fluid practice, we have outlined the best mat placement for our floor plan. Look for the map at the studio for reference. Additionally, please do your best to line up so that each student can somewhat see themselves in the front mirror. 

At MYNULIFSTUDIO, unless you're paying rent, you do not own a spot in the studio room. If you have a spot you regularly choose and someone beats you to it, we encourage you to challenge your discomfort with any other remaining spot. Namaste.
Bay Area A*List

Thank You Members for nominating us for BEST Yoga Studio for the Bay Area A-list! We are now in the Top Ten for our first year!  Vote here to get us to the top!

We are as good as you make us! Look for our Class Feedback forms in the changing room and restroom. We are continually improving our services based on your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and compliments!

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Phone: 650.400.2127




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