June 2017

Breaking News: French Government released radiation test results for hundreds of cell phones. The majority of phones violated radiation limits when tested in body contact positions.  Read more

The Hill: A Public Health Revolution Can Reduce the Growing Cancer Burden For the Young 
Increases in childhood cancers cannot simply be chalked up to "bad luck."  Dr. Davis argues against the "national push for more and more wireless in more and more places."   

American Journal of Epidemiology publishes new analysis which finds a doubling of brain cancer in persons using cell phones over 558 hours.

Scientific Expert Calls Weed Killer Glyphosate Assessment "Scientifically Flawed"
Dr. Christopher Portier Calls On the European Commission For A Reevaluation After Carcinogenic Findings Were Omitted From European Reviews.

27 Versions of California Department of Public Health Cell Phone Guidance Released Under Court Order 
The University of Pittsburgh recommendations were the basis for the Department's first 2009 recommendations.
Read the 27 Versions

Canadian Pediatric Society Releases New Position Statement on Screentime for young Children  
"No screentime for children under two" and minimize screen time as media presence is displacing quality (face-to-face) parent-child interactions.

Worcester Massachusetts Public Schools Vote To Post Precautionary Guidelines On Wi-Fi 
The District's website will post  EPA and FDA guidance on how to to reduce exposure to radiofrequency radiation inc luding  "increase the distance between wireless devices and your body " .

 Mobile phone: reassuring results that do not reassure everyone, Journal of Internal Medicine, Paris, June 7, 2017
Electromagnetic waves: Do mobile phones meet standards? Science Avenir, Paris France, June 7, 2017
Mobile phones: Dr Marc Arazi points to irregularities after the publication of ANFR Cell Phone Testing Data, The Daily Health, June 2, 2017
An NC bill would take away local control over cell tower location, North Carolina News and Observer

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