February 3, 2016
Data released today by DEQ confirms concerns of heavy metal pollution around the Abernathy School.
DEQ: air quality monitoring data shows high levels of cadmium and arsenic in the air near Southeast 22nd Ave. and Powell Boulevard less than a mile from Abernathy Elementary School. 

Exposures to cadmium and arsenic, like lead and mercury, have significant negative effects on the neurological development of children especially.  EPA considers cadmium to be a probable human carcinogen. EPA has classified inorganic arsenic as a Group A, human carcinogen.  The Abernethy ES community has long been concerned after a 2008 study showed the air quality around the school to be ranked in the bottom 2% in the nation due to industrial heavy metal air pollution.
The Smokestack Effect

Concerns were heightened when in 2013, it was reported that since 2010, nine women who live within a one-mile radius in the Abernethy neighborhood of Southeast Portland were diagnosed with breast cancer, six in 18 months. All the women are in their early- to mid-40s, all have children and most of them attend Abernethy Elementary.  KOIN news story

More information on possible health effects:

INTEL - Neighbors sign GOOD NEIGHBOR AGREEMENT. State issues company new air permit.

The agreement reached in December 2015 between community representatives and Intel paved the way for DEQ to issue the company its new Title V permit.

Per the GNA, Intel will continue to monitor its emissions and will meet regularly with a Neighborhood Air Quality Advisory Committee to address ongoing concerns about emissions from the tech giant's Hillsboro manufacturing facilities.

Winds are shifting in Portland

If you live on the bluff above Swan Island, that probably means more paint fumes, which almost certainly come from Daimler Truck Manufacturing facility right below them.  Make sure you report odors through DEQ's hotline. (call the number to the right- or click on the image for more detailed information about reporting odors.

Unlike the current response to gas odors affecting Hayden Island residents, University Park residents h ave been waiting four years for DEQ to take action.  The state says it is investigating the source of odors.

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Mary Peveto | Neighbors for Clean Air