May 2019
Welcome to the Breaking Barriers Bulletin. Each month we'll be bringing opportunities and resources that can support interagency knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Each issue will include the latest news, research, resources, and events relevant to integrating care for children and families.

Join us this November 20-21 for our 4th Annual Interagency Symposium , where we'll explore these themes and strategies in detail. 
39th Annual CMHACY Conference - Shaping Our Communities: Compassion, Engagement, Collective Impact
More than 600 youth, family members, advocates, funders, providers, and government officials gathered in Pacific Grove May 14 -17. All keynotes and session materials will be available by June 1, 2019, on the CMHACY website.

3 Ways Schools Can Support Children Affected by the Opioid Crisis
From California Health & Human Services Agency
CHHS has made a commitment to renew efforts to support interagency work on behalf of all youth and has recently updated their website to reflect this emerging dialogue. County systems are encouraged to mirror this integrated framework.

3 Ways Schools Can Support Children Affected by the Opioid Crisis
From Education Development Center
Practical steps that schools can take to help children exposed to trauma by the consequences of addiction in their families.

The Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances
A comprehensive report on the development of Community Based mental health services for Youth and their families.

Four Ways Schools Can Support the Whole Child
From Greater Good Magazine
A look at how integrated whole child care matters to education

Strategies for Preventing Custody Relinquishment for Mental Health Services
June 19, 2:30-4:00 p.m. EDT Webinar
This webinar, presented by the UMD School of Social Work Institute for Innovation and Implementation, will focus on the issue of parents relinquishing custody of their children solely to obtain health services that they could not access otherwise.

4th National Wraparound Implementation Academy (NWIA)
Sept. 9-11 in Baltimore, Maryland
Registration is open for this 3-day event to learn from the field’s foremost experts in Wraparound and systems of care and connect with peers from across the country.

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