~ June 3, 2021 ~
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks
How can breaking down disciplinary silos help students tackle some of the toughest problems in business? In this interview, the University of Michigan’s Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks discusses his award-winning course, +Impact Studio: Translating Research into Practice.
The Atlantic: Annie Lowrey
From frontline employees to star athletes, should workers have to put "a happy face on their trauma” for the rest of us? (also see Why Naomi Osaka Fought the French Open)
What does the Tulsa Massacre teach about structural and economic racism in the past, and how to move beyond it for the future? (also see The Long-Hidden Tulsa Race Massacre Is a National Cautionary Tale)
No Mercy / No Malice: Scott Galloway
"Whether we’re executives, parents, or citizens, we need to ask ourselves: Have our interests diverged from those of the people who matter most to us and society? Do our spouses, children, neighbors, employees, and countrymen win and lose in reasonable harmony?"
What is the legal logic behind this ruling, and how could it affect both global corporations and individual business leaders?
Financial Times: Andrew Jack
“This generation is voting with its feet.” What does it mean to bring an impact revolution to the workplace? (also see Doug McMillon’s Business School Address)
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