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A Message from the President
The past year has been tough for everyone. Some businesses are simply surviving and others are thriving. Among the traits that contribute to success are flexibility and communication - but these are not always easy to achieve, especially when the workforce is distributed among remote locations.

In this edition, we discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing the DC region’s public sector and businesses as they adapt to changes brought about by the pandemic and what TCI can do to help:

  • Businesses in regulated sectors are finding that compliance enforcement does not stop just because more employees are working from home. We offer tips on selecting a cloud solution that facilitates regulatory compliance. 

  • Assimilating new employees can be a very inefficient and financially wasteful process for any business, especially during a pandemic. We offer solutions that help your new employees get up to speed quickly.

  • With more companies moving to the cloud to support remote work, due diligence is essential. As you prepare for the big move, we map out best practices to ensure your cloud migration is smooth and resilient.

  • Customized, unified communication is always important - more so when coping with a hybrid workforce. We discuss how TCI Advantage can break down technology silos to simplify your life and empower your teams.

  • To strengthen the financial health and competitiveness of your business, it pays to look for new ways to improve broadband, data, and voice network services. We make sure your pricing and services are optimized.

Contact me today to discuss all the ways TCI can help your business prepare for the better times ahead.

Tom Cornbrooks, President
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The Challenge of Remote Work & Maintaining Financial & HIPAA Compliance
With millions of people working from home in response to the pandemic, many businesses have embraced remote work as the "new normal." This arrangement looks like it may permanently change how many leaders approach how they work, manage employees and structure their organizations.

But some things will not change…

Enforcement of regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which deals with the security of consumers’ personal financial information, and the Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which deals with the security of patient records, does not stop just because people have shifted to working from home.

No matter where your people work…

Businesses that rely extensively on distributed workers cannot use just any cloud-based solution without incurring risk. So it is critical to verify that your technology supports customer teams working from home with the same levels of compliance as when they worked in the corporate office.

This is especially important when recording interactions and transactions, including any internal consultations that take place when a financial or healthcare professional is seeking clarification or guidance from a colleague. This also extends to those organizations whose teams continue to handle payments over the phone.

Whether your business is in the financial, healthcare or retail sector, TCI offers secure, reliable cloud communication services. We’re ready to assist your business maintain regulatory compliance no matter where your people work. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or
Adding staff? Deploy UC Apps & Mobile Tools on Day One so they can hit the ground running
Assimilating new employees can be a slow, cumbersome process for any business, especially during COVID. If things don’t go well, new employees can take longer to reach their full potential, which can negatively impact your bottom line. If new employees get frustrated, they might even quit, forcing you to start all over.

The key to successful onboarding is making sure new employees get up to speed quickly by equipping them with robust, intuitive tools and capabilities…

  • Unified Communications – With real-time presence technology, new hires can instantly see which colleagues are available for a call. Immediate, real-time collaboration with group calling and chat allows new hires to get their questions answered in real-time. 

  • Mobile communications app – Built on top of UC, new hires can instantly have everything necessary to meet customer needs and the ability to see all colleagues on a single screen within the app. With an intuitive app, they can quickly master its features, becoming instantly productive.

  • Platform Integration – To keep employees connected there must be seamless integration with either iOS or Android mobile devices. The ability to answer incoming calls supporting one or multiple company locations means new hires can be accessible and productive wherever they work.

  • Single User Interface – The UI must be designed to offer a single look and feel across ALL hardware and software deployments. Once new people learn one, they can use them all.

Need relief from the pain of onboarding? TCI solutions boost confidence, productivity and job satisfaction. Learn more today: (703) 321-3030 or
Best Practices… Taking it step-by-step to Your Smooth, Resilient Cloud Migration
With more companies moving to the cloud to support remote work requirements, due diligence is essential. Moving to the cloud is a major undertaking, but it has to happen. There’s not only a pandemic to deal with, but legacy systems are expensive to maintain. To ensure your cloud migration is smooth and resilient keep these three principles in mind…

1. Plan for Now, Plan for the Future

Doing your homework pays off in the long run. First, identify all the relevant stakeholders - those who will be most impacted by changes in applications and accessibility - and discover what’s most important to them. What are their key workflows? What applications and tools are essential for them to do their work? What’s most likely to be impacted by the migration? After completing this process, you will be better able to develop a detailed deployment plan that takes each stakeholder’s unique needs into account.

Next, decide what will go to the cloud. Examine each application and determine if it makes more sense to migrate it, keep it local, or upgrade it to a native cloud application or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. Evaluate how each decision will impact your overall infrastructure. The discovery and evaluation process may also help you to project future needs.

2. Actively Manage Change

When designing your cloud migration, identify each significant moving part that could create problems, and develop a plan to mitigate the issues.

When you shift applications to the cloud, will you have the IT personnel with the skill set you need? If not, you might have to hire new team members or retrain current employees. Workflows will change. Responsibilities and roles may change. Think ahead and assemble the players you need. Consider forming a dedicated team just to manage the migration.

3. Test for Resilience before Migration

Because resilience is so crucial to the business, it pays to prepare and test your systems before deployment…

Ask your vendors for demonstrations before you go live. They should be able to walk you through every step in the process.

Because there will be bumps along the way, make sure you’ll have access to real-time data in case you want to step back and change your plan.

Preparing for cloud migration is a good time to reevaluate your back-up and recovery solutions to make sure they’re strong and aligned with the company’s business strategy.

Moving your communications to the cloud shouldn’t be intimidating. With a strong partner like TCI on your side, you and your stakeholders can rest assured that the migration will go smoothly. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or

The TCI Advantage of All-in-one Communications, Networking, Infrastructure, Security and Support
There are a lot of companies out there selling standalone communications solutions. What sets our approach apart is TCI Advantage, a holistic suite of capabilities combined with a fully-trained, customer-focused and experienced staff of professionals. We bundle all that with a Discovery and Assessment Process that ensures EVERY engagement exceeds your expectations.

A Comprehensive Portfolio

The comprehensive portfolio of TCI Advantage is designed to cover every aspect of Business Communications, Networking, Support, Infrastructure, and Security…

  • TCI Host – This enterprise-class cloud communications solution provides UCaaS, which brings together feature-rich software into a high-availability Cloud environment, delivering the flexibility, reliability and advanced UC features you need to connect your business. Learn more 

  • TCI Connect – Provides a multi-pronged approach that combines our comprehensive Net360 Network Assessment, Remediation & Onboarding Process, plus SLA-based Maintenance and Network Monitoring, to ensure your network infrastructure is not only ready for deployment but will operate as expected for years to come. Learn more

  • TCI Secure – We manage a broad array of Next-Generation Firewall and Management products from Cisco Maraki, SonicWall, and Watchguard as well as Patch Management, Wireless Security, and Backup/Recovery from industry leaders. Learn more 

  • TCI Manage – We release you and your overburdened teams from day-to-day network monitoring, backup, reporting, and management tasks. We’ll also increase the performance of your network while uncovering savings too. Learn more 

Find out how TCI Advantage breaks down tech silos and brings everything together to simplify your life and empower your teams. Contact us today at (703) 321-3030 or

When was your last service and pricing check-up for Broadband & Telecom?
To help ensure the financial health and competitiveness of your business it pays to look for new ways to improve broadband, data, and voice network services.

A simple way to realize fast results is to have the TCI team review your current invoices and services. Our relationships with the leading carriers, cable, broadband, and cloud providers, puts TCI in a unique position to assist your organization in sourcing optimized, carrier-agnostic solutions.

As your advocate, we recommend the providers offering the best services and features with the best pricing. 

We lay out all your options so you can make a fully informed decision based on your unique needs. Here’s our proven, step-by-step approach...

  • Undertake a thorough review of your services, invoices, agreements and providers.

  • Evaluate your spending, find better deals and service arrangements, and uncover savings. 

  • Lay out all the choices and offer proposals with a clear projection of your savings. 

  • Implement your selections by acting as your agent to place orders with the service providers. 

  • Track installation progress, oversee change orders, follow trouble tickets and manage escalations.

TCI provides a single point of contact for all your voice, data and Internet needs so you can benefit from better technology, more responsive support, and the best pricing. Contact us today: (703) 321-3030 or
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