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The Beginning of a New Chapter
Volunteers turned out last Wednesday and Sunday to help clean up SSPA's future site.
This past week has been all about new beginnings.

The groundbreaking and cleanup at our new facility at the former Boys Ranch is off to a wonderful start!

Once it's set up, this facility will allow SSPA to make a difference in the lives of more shelter dogs in need.

The dedicated volunteers who came out on Wednesday and/or Sunday were incredible - and we can't thank you enough!
Thanks to your hard work, we've already cleaned debris out of most structures (photo at right/above) and made headway on clearing out the future play yards (photo at top left/top).

It's been quite a workout for all involved, but it's so exciting to be part of something so important from the start!

Teamwork will be key to getting this facility up and running! If you'd like to volunteer, our next time is 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 23. Please email us at if you can join us.

Our specific needs at the worksite at this time are: Sawzalls, generators, Skil saws, shop vacs and a chainsaw.

Thank you for your steadfast support as we embark on this new journey, and for helping us go the extra mile to save lives!
SSPA photo team members Dani and Sandra captured stunning photos of Stockton shelter dogs.
Our relationship with Stockton Animal Shelter continues to grow, and we can't wait to see the impact of this partnership!

This Sunday, SSPA's photo team spent all day taking high-quality photos of the dogs there to help the pups get adopted.

"Wow!!! it felt great to get back to the dogs," said photo team members Dani and Sandra. "So happy to be helping SSPA with the dogs at the Stockton Animal Shelter! Can’t wait to see what is next!!💙🐾"

And our behavior team will be working with Stockton shelter dogs starting this week. The team's work is so critical and impactful for shelter dogs who need extra support.

We are beyond grateful for the Stockton shelter's support and partnership - and for their desire to truly make a difference in the lives of their dogs.
Help SSPA Save More Lives
Happy Tails
Zoey the "tripawd" and her adopter Mike's love story continues to fill us with so much joy!

They try to go camping weekly, and Zoey "just absolutely lovessssss every minute of it," Mike says. They often sleep in the back of the SUV, which she thinks is so much fun!

And Zoey can't get enough of running in the snow!

"She’s so goofy and she’s having such a great time. I’m so glad I met her," Mike says. "None of this woulda happened without y’all doing what you do.

"This dog legit changed my life and how I think and react to the world."

A perfect example of how when you rescue a dog, they often rescue you in return!

Read our original interview with Mike.
Mr. Frederickson was adopted recently!

While going through the adoption process, his adopters said: “He is so cute ... I love him already. He looks so sweet.”

We agree, he's one unbelievably adorable guy with a smile that melts all hearts!

The cherry on top? Adopting this precious boy allowed his wonderful fosters to take in another dog in need!

Congratulations, Mr. Frederickson, and thank you to his family and fosters!
Gronkowski recently celebrated his adoptaversary/gotcha day!

He's one of four lucky, adopted dogs in his home - three of whom are SSPA alums and quite a few of whom were foster fails. The family continues to foster medical pups for us (THANK YOU)!

Gronk came to SSPA as a very nervous, worm-infested, skinny puppy with kennel cough.

His adopter, Emily, says, "Now, he's still a bit neurotic but a healthy, 78-pound 5-year-old."

Congrats, Gronk, on landing such an amazing home full of awesome fur siblings!
Gemma, affectionately known as "Gemmapotamus," is living it up with her forever family, who foster failed with her over the summer!

She's embracing the life of a cuddle bug, couch potato and toy chewer - three of her favorite activities!

And she even has her own following on Instagram.

These updates mean the world to us! Thank you so much for giving her such a wonderful home!
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Get to Know a Member of the SSPA Team!
In this series, we'll feature one of our team members each week!
Q&A with Volunteer Sandra Lake

How long have you been part of SSPA and what inspired you to be part of the team?
I started with SSPA in November 2019. I don't know exactly how I found SSPA, but I started following them and they had a post for photographers. At that moment, I knew this is how I wanted to volunteer my time. As a dental hygienist, I have volunteered for many years in no-cost clinics, meeting remarkable people that were down on their luck and just needed someone to listen and care without judgment. My heart led me to SSPA, knowing that with my photos I could make a difference in a dog's life. I like to think that when a dog makes it to the shelter they actually have a second chance at a better life, and being part of it is awesome.

What’s the best thing about being a member of #TeamSSPA?
Working with great people to make great things happen. I love the passion that everyone has and all dogs do matter, even the naughty ones. I have met some incredible people and am very honored to be part of the SSPA team.
What moment during your time with SSPA is most memorable for you? 
Oh goodness, there are so many.

Finally getting Madame Z to engage in our second photo shoot with her.

Seeing the dogs get adopted and find fosters - and knowing that I was a small part of that.

My favorite dog who I rooted for was Tate (at left in photo), one of the first dogs that I photographed. He was so withdrawn and I loved watching him blossom and build confidence.

DoJo!!! I love that guy and his crazy tongue! When he got adopted (at right in photo), I did the crazy happy dance.

Meeting and working with Dani, who handles the dogs, has been so wonderful - we are both dental hygienists with a crazy love for dogs! And of course Hannah - the three of us have had so much fun working to get all the dogs photographed!

What do you hope to help SSPA accomplish in the future?
I look forward to the Boys Ranch and the bright future that is being set forth by Delyse. I have every picture that I have taken for SSPA, and I hope sometime in the near future I can do something with all of my pictures to support SSPA.

What is your favorite thing about your pets?
Oh goodness, their unconditional love and how excited they get when I get home. I appreciate that they share the bed with me and allow me to be the one that they count on just as much as I count on them.

Final thoughts?
I am very proud to be a member of the SSPA team and look forward with great positivity for us as a team and for all of the dogs that we hold up with our hearts and hands.
Adoptable Dogs

This boy came to the shelter in bad shape. He was an outdoor dog, chained in a kennel his entire life.

With the help of our awesome SSPA team and his foster, he's developed more confidence and learned that life can be good.

Let us tell you - this boy is resilient! He had owners who didn't show him an ounce of compassion, but now he's found a way to trust and even show his silly side.

Understandably, he can take a bit to develop trust, but once he does, he's marvelous!

He's low maintenance, mellow and easy to please, and has successfully lived with cats and other dogs!

Ready to bring him home? Apply to adopt him.

This cutie pie is not only handsome as can be, he’s a cuddle pro!

He 's a snuggler extraordinaire, who also happens to have a fun and silly side and plenty of energy to keep up with you!

While he’s lucky to be in a wonderful foster home, he’d love to find his forever home!

(Please note: He prefers a home without other pups or cats.)

Ready to bring him home? Fill out an adoption application.

Eli is a beyond-adorable, soft and sweet nugget. He came into the shelter terrified and shut down.

Now in foster care, with lots of positive reinforcement and a couple of well-rounded female dogs, he has really come out of his shell. Eli has the heart of a sweet, eager-to-please, playful and a bit mischievous puppy inside a cautious exterior.

His ideal forever family will understand that his shyness is due to his lack of proper socialization as a young dog. He’s looking for a family who will help him continue to grow into a balanced, happy dog. He'd love a playful, confident female dog in his future home!

Ready to adopt?! Fill out an adoption application!

This boy is our resident, super-adorable cow 😉!

Ranger is an amazing family dog and is already house trained!

He has lived in a home with teens and loves all the attention! He’s all-around fabulous!

He's looking for a home without other dogs or cats, but he'll bring enough joy into your life to be your one and only!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.
Looking for a Foster
Handsome Gator, with our friends at Stockton Animal Shelter, is still looking for a special foster!

He's a cattle dog in need of a foster who has experience with working dogs who nip at feet.

He has shown to resource guard in the home and would benefit from management, rules and working that smarty-pants mind of his!

Not in the area? Shelter transport can be arranged!

Ready to foster him? (He needs a home without children.) Submit your foster application today!