Breaking Ground                                                June 2017 
The journey began years ago, when a handful of friends who had been part of one another's lives for decades asked, "We've come this far; why don't we grow old together?" We were joined by those who shared the hope to create a vital community in which older adults could live lives of meaning, creativity, and wellbeing, aging in place with gusto. The community we envisioned would be nestled within a vibrant town full of opportunities for connection and commitment, intertwining generations and backgrounds. Now, at last, we stood on the roughed up soil of our 19 acres, next to the smiling town mayor and council members, the planning commission representatives, architect, and our builder. We used gilded shovels to ceremoniously commemorate the actual, real, "it's truly happening" moment of our journey. It was June 8, 2017. We broke ground for Shepherd Village.
The easy motion of tossing a bit of dirt honored the much more difficult accomplishments that had preceded it, from the purchase of the land through everything else having to do with community building, site plans, engineering, infrastructure, architecture, design, work with the town planners, and much more. Indeed, as we posed with the symbolic shovels, the earth-moving machines had already been working for days preparing for infrastructure and clearing space for our Common House and the village duplexes and triplexes...a cause for celebration indeed!

A ceremony for the land
Shepherd Village community members gather during the ceremony
For years, the hope of Shepherd Village, while very real, was also abstract. Certainly, as a community we had been to the 19 acres that would host our future home. We had picked up trash, mowed narrow paths through the tangled vines, and done some work to preserve trees at risk of disease. We dreamed of how our village would look, surrounded by wild life and green growth. As the project progressed, two things happened: we fell in love with the land and its wild inhabitants; and it dawned on us that we would be disrupting those wild communities and changing the place forever. Although we set aside substantial areas of our land for preservation, and as careful as our builder hoped to be, inevitably earth would be disturbed, trees and vegetation cut down and removed. The time had come to acknowledge this reality and the feelings it stirred within us.
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We are at capacity with 30 member households !

Members are welcomed
 with beautiful handmade candles at the
of community meetings.

Please go to our website  to find information about getting on our waiting list.


Twenty (20), residential building lots will be available for sale, Fall 2017, along the east and west sides of a new road called Sage Place. 

The lots have been approved by the Town as Duplex lots (total of 10 duplexes).  Each of the 20 lots is 50' wide by 80' deep.  Each adjoins permanent conservation property.  Each will have public water and sewer, underground utilities and front on the new public street named Sage Place.  The owner of each lot will be a member of the Sage Place HOA.  Contact Charlotte Baker-Shenk for more information at

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