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In this edition of Breaking Ground, we are proud to showcase our involvement in the delivery of a vaccine to protect against the novel coronavirus. It is extremely rewarding to know that all of the effort put forth this year is finally being realized. I want to thank our clients for having the faith in us to deliver quality services against timeframes the entire world was pushing to shorten. Also, thank you to every member of the Mainstay team whose tireless work ethic and expertise has made the seemingly impossible a reality. I hope you enjoy our one and only Breaking Ground newsletter of 2020, “The coronavirus edition”. Best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy new year!

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COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Site Fast-Tracked

Freezer Farm for Pharmaceutical Giant Designed for COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

Mainstay participated in a project to modify an existing warehouse area to accommodate production, storage and packaging of the COVID-19 vaccine. The project was on an extremely tight time schedule in order to keep up with the overall delivery schedule for the vaccine.  

There are two different aspects of this project in which Mainstay was involved. The manufacturing occurred in a clean space that was constructed off-site and installed in a series of trailers (called PODs) within the existing warehouse that fit together. One Mainstay team was responsible for the design of the POD trailers. The other Mainstay team was responsible for the design within the building to prep for the PODs (supporting piping and equipment) as well as the packaging systems and the freezer farm.


CLIENT: Pharmaceutical Company



Project Designers
Nick Dykes, Fred Ilsemann, Joe Martin & Mike Wilson
Lead Engineers
Mike Canalley, PE & Leo Doyer, PE
Project Managers
Justin Ruby, PE & Doug Seaboldt, PE

Principal in Charge
Matthew Hilbush, PE
Pharmaceutical Supply Company Chooses Its U.S. Headquarters

As part of a design-build project with The Norwood Company, Mainstay teamed with JacobsWyper Architects to assist in the design and construction administration services for a new approximately 65,000 square foot building in Horsham, PA. The building will serve as the U.S. headquarters for an international pharmaceutical supply company specializing in clinical trial supplies. The facility includes an approximately 35,000 square foot high bay warehouse with an adjacent approximately 20,000 square foot low bay office space to the east and an adjacent approximately 10,000 square foot, low bay distribution center with multiple loading docks to the south. The west edge of the structure was designed to support future building expansion.

CLIENT: International Pharmaceutical
Supply Company 



ARCHITECT: JacobsWyper Architects

Project Designer
Tony Epifano

Lead Engineer
Kurt R. Sponheimer, PE

Project Manager
Doug Seaboldt, PE
Meet Ryan Firkser, PE, SE, CSP | Project Manager
What made you decide to become an engineer?
I think that becoming an engineer was simply the organic evolution of a kid who enjoyed swinging a hammer and building just as much as he did diving into the why, where, what, how, and when of things around him. It is possible that I’d be a marine biologist today if Lehigh had offered that as a major.
How has Mainstay helped you in your career development?
There are two things about Mainstay that really helped me in my career development. Most importantly, Mainstay employs strong leaders who foster a positive work environment that promotes growth from within and is committed to continual improvement of the individual in order to make a better whole. Secondly, Mainstay’s core business in top industries provided a wide variance of exposure to both conventional and unconventional projects.

How did you first learn about Mainstay?
I didn’t want to work in the city and I didn’t want to work in a large firm. I also wanted to be close to home where I knew the trout streams and could get down to the coast in an hour fifteen to chase striped bass. I did some google searches, reached out to a few recruiters, poked around, and the rest is history.

What is the favorite part about working for Mainstay?
That we are able to enjoy ourselves while simultaneously delivering quality engineering products to our customers. I believe that the quality of product would suffer if you stop having fun. 

What is your role at Mainstay?
I am a Senior Project Manager and lead the New Jersey office. Primary responsibilities are to manage day-to-day operations of the New Jersey office from proposal development through project delivery and close out. I also provide fall protection SME and general industry compliance consultation interoffice and to clients, owners and end users.  

What is your proudest moment at Mainstay?
Seeing the growth of my team in New Jersey.

What are your hopes for our industry?
My hope for the industry is that we are able to remain committed to the people of the profession and to the mentoring of younger engineers as we evolve alongside of increasingly powerful computers, emerging technologies and accelerated project scheduling.   
All Mainstay Employees Are Required To Complete COVID-19 Awareness Training
Workplace Safety
The Mainstay Team has not missed a step in delivering gold-standard service to clients while providing team members the tools to operate within a safe workplace environment.

Safety measures include:

  • OSHA COVID-19 Awareness Training
  • Masks required in office
  • Cleaned and sanitized work stations
  • Remote work unless absolutely necessary to work in person
  • Proper PPE on jobsites
  • Adhering to state-mandated safety precautions both personally and professionally

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