Breaking NEWS on Kansas
We just received word that the Senate Federal & State Affairs committee just  passed  a bill out of committee & onto the Senate. 

HB2386 has rolled in our language and is being considered on the senate side.  HB2386 would reopen the Kansas greyhound and horse tracks, which are so vital to farming economic growth.  It's time to educate our lawmakers! 

We are asking EVERYONE to contact Kansas SENATORS to pass HB2386 this session.
Some key issues you might bring up in your phone calls and emails to SENATORS.  Kansas just turned down raising taxes to generate state funding and budget balancing, THIS BILL WOULD:  


  • Create approximately 4,000 new jobs across Kansas
  • Spur approximately $200 Million in annual wages
  • Generate $23 Million in Annual Local Tax Revenues
  • Unleash millions of NEW revenue for the State General Fund
  • Produce a $16 Million impact on Kansas farm, ranch & breeding operations

Another Education Topic:

Because pet welfare has been brought up in legislature recently, there are some misconceptions that greyhound dogs are faced with similar conditions as puppy mill facilities.  

  • Before they start racing, owners and breeders have a 16 - 20 month emotional and financial investment to the overall well being of greyhound dogs raised on farms.  This is in comparison to puppy mills whose only objective is to push out puppies every 5-6 weeks.
  • Since it's inception in 1906, the NGA has maintained industry standards of care that exceed state agriculture and local animal control regulations.  The NGA has collaborated with the state to insure transparency in our inspection and reporting process.  This is to insure all greyhounds raised in Kansas are cared for appropriately and humanely.

Please take a few moments out of your day and educate Kansas lawmakers.  This is an opportunity we need to take advantage of.  

And your help is vital to successfully bring back racing to Kansas.

Thank you.