Breaking News - 60 Percent Constitutional Increase Passes Ohio House in a vote 62-37

The Ohio Christian Alliance wants to applaud the 62 Republicans who today took a step forward to safeguard Ohio's Constitution by passing SJR 2, the resolution that will be placed on the August 8th Special Ballot. If passed, it will raise the threshold to pass a constitutional amendment in Ohio to 60 percent.

Chris Long made the following statement, "Today's vote would not have happened if it were not for the literal thousands of calls, texts, and emails sent to House members, urging them to vote in favor of the constitutional amendment passage increase to sixty percent. We also want to thank Speaker Stephens for bringing the measure to the floor for a vote. Now the real work begins as we start to educate our fellow Ohioans about the August 8th ballot initiative that will help safeguard Ohio's Constitution against future proposed radical initiatives."

The Ohio Christian Alliance will be fully engaged with voter registration, and bulletin inserts, encouraging our fellow Ohioans to vote in favor of the August Special Election Ballot resolution of raising the constitutional amendment passage threshold to sixty percent.

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