September 18, 2020

For Immediate Release

SB 573 will help expedite reunification of lost pets during fires and other natural disasters and pandemic
SACRAMENTO, CA. September 18, 2020 – Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 573, a landmark bill which will require local animal control agencies and public and private shelters to microchip all reclaimed or adopted cats and dogs. The bill, authored by Senator Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) and sponsored by animal advocacy group, Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL), aims to reduce euthanasia and the number of pets that fill our shelters by getting them back to their families quickly.

“Now that this bill is law, we will save the lives of thousands of dogs and cats and reunite them with their owners,” said Senator Chang. “And by shrinking the number of pets that go through shelters, we are saving taxpayer dollars and keeping pressure off of the shelters during the pandemic.”

More than 500,000 dogs and cats are brought into California shelters each year and more than half are euthanized. Only 15 percent of dogs and two percent of the cats in shelters without identification are ever reunited with their families.
“We thank Governor Newsom for signing this first in the nation lifesaving bill into law that will help reduce euthanasia of dogs and cats that already have homes while also saving taxpayer dollars,” said Judie Mancuso, founder and president of Social Compassion in Legislation. “Unfortunately, California is faced with many natural disasters, including catastrophic fires, earthquakes, and flooding. It is essential that our pets are microchipped to reduce the time and resources that would otherwise take away from other public safety efforts.”
“The data shows that 1 in 3 pets will be lost during their lifetime. By microchipping pets and keeping the contact information updated, pets have a far better chance of being reunited with their families,” said Gary Michelson, M.D., philanthropist and founder and co-chair of the Michelson Found Animals Foundation, an organization that has created the largest free microchip registry and supplies low-cost microchips to shelters and rescues around the country. “We thank Governor Newsom for signing SB 573 into law and look forward to being a part of its successful implementation.”
“Microchips not only help ensure your pet gets returned if they are lost or stolen and they are completely safe, but protect your pet in the event of a disaster,” said Dr. Karen Halligan, Chief Veterinarian of the Lucy Pet Foundation, and Social Compassion in Legislation board member. “Especially during these times of uncertainty with COVID-19, with shelters being closed or limited capacity due to staffing, it’s more important than ever that all dogs and cats are microchipped to protect them and ensure their return to the safety of their human family.”
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Judie Mancuso, Founder/CEO/President
Social Compassion In Legislation
Social Compassion in Legislation