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Weekly Update for Participating Charities
Breaking News: Retirees Join CFC 2017
On Monday, 11 December OPM finally received Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) approval to incorporate the the federal employee annuity program into this year's CFC. We're excited about this new opportunity because it opens up a new donor segment and may help your organization tap into pre-existing relationships and loyalties.

Retiree donors can now pledge online at or they can download a paper pledge form at The campaign end date for federal retirees mirrors that of the broader campaign, in other words, 12 January 2018. That gives your organization four weeks to reach out to this population and help them reconnect with your mission or establish a new connection.

For the next four weeks, we'll help you in this effort by providing a list of these target organizations on Facebook and profiling a select organizations on Twitter and Instagram. We'll also be dedicating next week's newsletter to helping your organization define and execute a quick marketing campaign for this population. If you have any questions you would like addressed in that newsletter, please submit them through one of our social media channels (at the bottom of this newsletter).
Managing Donor Fatigue During the Holiday Season
by Art Taylor, President & CEO, BBB Wise Giving Alliance*
During a period characterized by ongoing natural disasters and humanitarian crises, the incessant appeal for support can lead to donor fatigue. This condition becomes particularly acute during the holiday season when activity, appeals, and the charitable deduction decisions reach a crescendo. Here are some tips on avoiding empathy exhaustion and re-energizing your donor community.

  1. Make the donor decision easy. Whether you have an established relationship with the donor or not. Make the decision to give to your cause easy. Reach them on their preferred media and make a simple and clear value proposition.Then make the transaction just as simple.
  2. Clarify why your organization can make a unique impact to the cause that matters so much to the donor. Present a brief case with quick examples of your past performance.
  3. Provide an array of transaction options. Allowing donors to choose their preferred method of contribution (credit card, debit card, direct bank transfer or payroll) avoids roadblocks.
  4. Give donors contribution options that fit their budgets. Demonstrate how varying gift amounts can make an impact and where no monetary gift is feasible, give them the option to contribute through volunteering. Convert passionate federal workers and retirees into advocates for your cause.

* These tips were paraphrased from an article that appeared in Forbes CommunityVoice on 4 December 2017: (
Charity Application Process Opens 1 December
8 Reasons to Invest in CFC 2018
  1. Participation in largest workplace giving program in the world with over 4 million members 
  2. Recurring payroll and annuity gifts throughout the year
  3. Exclusive opportunity for vetted charities and federations
  4. Access to a large retiree population that includes young military vets
  5. Invitation to Department of Defense campaign events
  6. Training opportunities and guidance from marketing experts with knowledge of federal workforce
  7. Skilled, government and military volunteers across the globe
  8. Dedicated social media channels targeting federal workers
2018 Charity Application Training
The charity application process has launch effective Friday, 1 December. To help get you started the office of Combined Federal Campaign has put together a series of short training videos that will be help make completing your CFC application as easy as possible.
The series of videos, available by selecting the link below, reviews and elaborates on the following points: 

  • All charities must now apply using our online charity application system. Paper applications are no longer accepted.
  • Charities are required to submit a full application with the schedule of services and all other required supporting documentation once every three years. In the two intervening years charities need only provide a verification application.
  • The audit requirements changed in 2017 charities with revenue less $100,000 are not required to submit any financial statements with their application. Charities with revenue of $100,000 but less than $250,000 are required to submit a review of their financial statements.
  • Some information may be provided later, such as banking and disbursement information statements; this information is required only upon approval of your application.

Review all of the videos now and post your questions and feedback HERE.
YTD Campaign Results for Sunshine CFC (Zone 22)
Next Week: Reaching Out to Federal Retirees