SCTA Rep Council Unanimously Approves Standing with SEIU Classified Workers
Up to and Including Striking in Sympathy

Late last week, SEIU Local 1021 which represents approximately 1750 classified workers in SCUSD turned out in record number to reject the District latest offer regarding a reopening MOU and to authorize a strike by a 92% margin.

Classified workers are standing up to the efforts of Superintendent Aguilar to roll back the health and safety standards achieved in our MOU with the District.

We have sat side-by-side with SEIU and they have been with us as we have negotiated how to safely reopen schools to resume in-person instruction.

This evening we held an emergency rep council meeting. After a full discussion, the SCTA rep council unanimously approved the following resolution:

"SCTA stands in solidarity with SEIU. We will fully support our classified co-workers up to and including a sympathy strike with SEIU."

SEIU and SCUSD have been assigned a state mediator. No bargaining has yet been set, and SEIU also has not yet set a strike deadline.

Parents entrust the whole school team with their children so that we can help them learn and keep them safe. SCTA strongly opposes Superintendent Aguilar's effort to roll back health and safety standards and our classified staff.

We will be providing further updates over the next several days, but we wanted to share this important information immediately.

In Unity,

David, Nikki, and John
Sacramento City Teachers Association |916.452.4591 | [email protected]|