July 29, 2020
38 Million in COVID-19 Relief Funds
Breaking News – The Kansas Legislative Finance Council just approved 38 million dollars COVID-19 relief for nursing homes! This amount is equal to $20 per residents (All payer types) per day for 120 days. The time period will be likely be March 13, 2020 through July 10, 2020. The process for distributing the funds will not be through the MCOs as was originally considered by KDADS. KDADS will determine the resident days and amount due to the nursing home and the money will be distributed from KDHE through their emergency funds portal. We will work very closely with KDADS and KDHE to support their efforts for smooth and timely payment. Please be sure to thank the members of the State Finance Council for supporting Kansas nursing homes by approving the SPARK Taskforce Executive Council’s recommendations. We will provide additional information and guidance as it become available.
Governor Laura Kelly - via  W ill.Lawrence@ks.gov  and  Timothy.Graham@ks.gov  
Senator Susan Wagle -   Susan.Wagle@senate.ks.gov
Representative Ron Ryckman - ron.ryckman@house.ks.gov
Senator Jim Denning - Jim.Denning@senate.ks.gov
Senator Anthony Hensley - Anthony.Hensley@senate.ks.gov
Senator Carolyn McGinn -   Carolyn.McGinn@senate.ks.gov
Representative Dan Hawkins - dan.hawkins@house.ks.gov
Representative Tom Sawyer - tom.sawyer@house.ks.gov
Representative Troy Waymaster - troy.waymaster@house.ks.gov

Click here to read the full Update from the SPARK Taskforce Executive Committee State Finance Council

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