Alabama Board of Nursing Discuss Changes and Created Employee Tracker Spreadsheet
Please see the linked CRNP/CNM and CRNA Changes Power Point and the Employee Tracker Spreadsheet developed by the Alabama Board of Nursing explaining the recent emergency proclamation by Gov. Ivey to adjust restrictions for licensed hospital settings meaning any general acute care hospital, a critical access hospital, or a specialized hospital licensed as such by the Alabama Dept of Public Health. Outside of licensed hospitals such as rural community and individual physician collaboration continue as previously approved. The documentation form is to be used for tracking purposes. 

If your institution utilizes any of the adjustments within the mandate, please track the data as this will be excellent information for future considerations of legislative efforts.

Ivey Issues Emergency Proclamation
On 8.13.2021 at 4pm Governor Ivey proclaimed a public health state of emergency. The proclamation notes the COVID 19 pandemic is not over and since the termination of the previous state of emergency, COVID 19 related hospitalization have increased 10-fold creating a strain on Alabama’s already worn out healthcare system.

Therefore, the proclamation is “cutting the red tape for healthcare providers” adopting measures to expand the workforce in hospitals. This includes the ability to employ or relocate CRNPs within the facility to care for patients suffering from or affected by COVID 19. A hospital’s Chief of Staff may collaborate with an unlimited number of CRNPs using the ABN’s standard protocol and any previously approved skills shall be authorized. A hospital may authorize additional skills and formulary, excluding controlled substances, within its emergency protocol as long as it is within the CRNPs training, education, and certification. 

There are details concerning practice by out-of-state healthcare practitioners, expanding capacity of healthcare facilities, and alternative standards of care outline in the proclamation. Please see Proclamation for further details
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