March 31, 2020
Governor Issues Executive Order Designating CISA 2.0 list (including Residential Construction) Statewide

The Governor announced at his press conference today at 2:00 pm that the new CISA 2.0 Essential Services list that was released Saturday is effective statewide per Texas Executive Order GA-14. Read Executive Order
This Morning HBA Advised Mayor Adler, Judge Eckhardt and State Officials of the New DHS CISA Designation of Residential Construction as Essential Critical Infrastructure

Letter to Mayor Adler  Read
Letter to Judge Eckhardt  Read
Letter to State Officials  Read

Bastrop Announces Digital Submittal Document Read
Survey: How has COVID-19 Impacted Your Business?

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we need a better understanding of how the Travis County and Austin Orders are affecting your business, your clients and your family. 

Please complete the survey with as much information as you can — the more details, the better.  Your input is essential to our ongoing advocacy efforts. 

NOTE: Your responses will be kept anonymous and will be aggregated to represent the industry, not any one builder.

Your HBA Staff, Board and other volunteer Members,
continue to work diligently to advocate on behalf of all HBA Members
to keep the construction industry moving so our community has safe housing.
Please visit the HBA COVID-19 web page for updates

This information is not intended to provide legal advice, nor be the authority on COVID-19
updates, and we cannot guarantee real-time updates on every matter. We provide this
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