May 30, 2019
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Governor Signs No-Fault Reform Bill; What’s Next? 
This morning, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law sweeping changes to Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance law. As reported in last Friday’s NewsNow, the legislature overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan no-fault reform package after weeks of negotiations between the legislative leadership.

Last week’s NewsNow highlighted Senate Bill 1 which contains PIP choice levels, an automatic rate rollback on PIP premiums, and a medical fee schedule, among other changes.

What's Next?

Important to note is the date the new law goes into effect:  July 1, 2020. MAIA will be your resource over the upcoming weeks and months on the changes resulting from no-fault reform and the impact these have for your agency and for your policyholders.  

MAIA is developing an exclusive member toolbox to help you navigate the new changes in the law. The toolbox will include the following items and more.

  • Whitepaper detailing changes to no-fault law
  • Sample letter for communicating with your customers
  • No-Fault specific website
  • Educational opportunities to learn more about the new law

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