April 1, 2020
(NOT an April Fool's Joke)
Legal Opinion on Governor's March 31st Order

Outside legal counsel for the HBA, Laura Fowler of The Fowler Law Firm PC, stated the Order of the Texas Governor issued today makes clear:

Residential and commercial construction companies are Essential Businesses and may proceed in spite of any conflicting order of any local governmental unit .

Please note the effective time of the Governor’s Order 12:01 am April 2, 2020

The construction industry will continue to be under great scrutiny.  We must all continue to stress Safety, Safety, Safety and obeying all laws. 
Thank you for doing your part to help keep our community safe,
and our industry goodwill untarnished !
See Something, Say Something. 

We’re in this together. If you see something that appears out of order at another jobsite, please help your fellow builder out and contact him/her immediately.
Your HBA Staff, Board and other volunteer Members,
continue to work diligently to advocate on behalf of all HBA Members
to keep the construction industry moving so our community has safe housing.
Please visit the HBA COVID-19 web page for updates   www.hbaaustin.com/covid-19

This information is not intended to provide legal advice, nor be the authority on COVID-19
updates, and we cannot guarantee real-time updates on every matter. We provide this
information as a courtesy for you to use in conjunction with your due diligence.