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MDC Commissioners Unanimously Approve $7.5 Million Grant for Downtown Development
PALMETTO BAY, FL, JULY 20, 2016 - On Tuesday, July 19, the Board of Miami-Dade County Commissioners unanimously passed Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava's resolution to provide the Village of Palmetto Bay with a $7.5 million economic development grant for our downtown development plan. 
The County Commission vote was not expected until the Fall, but Village staff was able to get the item on the July agenda with the assistance of our County Commissioner's office. Earlier this year, the $7.5 million in grant funds from the General Obligation Bond program was approved by the county but was waiting for recaptured funds to become available before moving forward with the actual award. Last week, Mayor Flinn and Village Manager Silva presented the project before Miami-Dade County's Economic Prosperity Committee. The committee unanimously approved the $7.5 million grant award and the interagency agreement between the Village and Miami-Dade County pending f inal approval by the full commission. That approval came yesterday, a few months earlier than anticipated. The Village is now officially the recipient of $7.5 million in grant funds which are slated for the transformation of Franjo Road. This represents the largest single grant award that the Village has received to date, followed by the $2.7 million previously received for the acquisition of Thalatta Estate.
In this fiscal year alone, Village staff have secured a whopping $9 million in grant dollars , to include: 
  • $900,000 for our Safe Routes to School program
  • $107,000 from the Highway Beautification Council for highway beautification
  • $400,000 from the Recreational Trails Program for walkway improvements at Coral Reef Park
  • $50,000 from the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program for Perrine Wayside Park
  • $20,000 from the Urban Forestry Grant program for a new bucket truck
About Palmetto Bay
Palmetto Bay is a vibrant, family-oriented community in the South Miami-Dade area, situated along the beautiful Biscayne Bay.  Known as the "Village of Parks" for its amazing park facilities and bountiful recreational amenities, Palmetto Bay is one of the most desirable places to live in South Florida.  Adding to is allure are the excellent private and public schools within the Palmetto Bay boundaries.  To learn more about our awesome community, please visit our website.
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