Today, Meyers & Flowers along with Reynolds, Potter, Ragan, & Vandivort PLC, a Tennessee-based law firm, and Newsome & Melton filed suit on behalf of ten families against CSX Transportation, the leading railroad company in North America. The lawsuit accuses CSX Transportation of failing to prevent the tidal wave that ripped through Waverly last year, killing 22 people including seven children, some as young as seven months old. Filed in the Circuit Court for Humphreys County, Tennessee, the lawsuit seeks to hold CSX accountable for the loss of life and devastation inflicted upon the Waverly community. The case brings claims for the wrongful death, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and general negligence.
"These 22 individuals, seven of which were children, didn’t die because it rained; they died because of CSX’s alleged negligence and calculated decision to prioritize profits over safety. While CSX found time to institute a suspension of rail service in order to protect its train cars, the company did not take the time to warn city officials of the looming danger its uncleared debris posed to the residents of Waverly" stated Founding Partner Peter J. Flowers in today's press release.

Over the past few months, trial attorney Frank V. Cesarone negotiated more than $15,280,000 in combined resolutions for victims of defective medical devices. The settlements will cover the costs of his client’s corrective surgeries, follow-up care, and general damages for pain and suffering.

"The medical device industry had flooded the market with dangerous products so corporations can make large profits. Sadly, in the process, these products have injured countless people. These large corporations will do anything possible to defect liability for their actions and negligence, leaving innocent people who are seriously harmed without fair compensation for their pain and injuries. Holding these companies accountable is the first step, but there is a lot more to be done to stop these dangerous products from continuing to devastate unsuspecting patient’s lives.”


Associate Attorney Christopher Warmbold
Associate Attorney Christopher Warmbold

Meyers & Flowers is pleased to welcome Associate Attorney Christopher J. Warmbold to our growing firm, bringing his years of knowledge and experience to our team and clients. His passion for serving his community will prove invaluable to our firm’s pursuit of providing compassionate advocacy to those injured by the negligence of others.

Chris has dedicated his legal career to representing those who are often marginalized, overlooked, and underrepresented. He has a successful track record of advocating on behalf of his injured clients that was earned by standing up to insurance companies who fail or refuse to uphold their obligation to provide full compensation for the harms caused by the negligence of others. Chris concentrates his practice in matters of personal injury involving medical malpracticemotor accidentswrongful death, and general civil litigation.

We are excited to announce that Emily Lescelius has joined our intake department as a Client Services Representative. She will be a great asset to our Client Services team, as our prospective clients' first point of contact. We are looking forward to utilizing Emily’s years of customer service experience to continue to provide each and every caller who comes through our phones with the compassion their case deserves.

During her free time, Emily enjoys anything that has to do with being outside, especially when the weather is nice – which as an Illinois-native she knows is hard to come by. In her spare time, you can find her riding her bike, taking her dogs on walks, and attending outdoor concerts. Emily currently resides in St. Charles.

4 Ways To Promote Change During

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
This month, we honor the strength and resilience of sexual assault survivors and reaffirm our commitment to standing with them for justice, respect, and support. This year’s Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month is an opportunity to shift the culture, raise awareness of sexual violence – including sexual assault and harassment – and education on prevention.  

As a law firm with over 20 years of experience helping abuse survivors claim justice, we know all too well the amount of work that needs to be done. We at Meyers & Flowers understand the importance of using our voice to expand the conversation and grow through education. Change only happens when people make the choice to speak up and act. 

We invite you to join us this month and beyond to learn how to support survivors, create progressive conversation and prevent sexual violence before another must endure the irreparable harm of abuse. 

The first step in making strides toward change is education. During SAAM, we encourage you to further your knowledge on sexual assault by:

  1. Understanding the facts
  2. Knowing the consent guide
  3. Learning prevention strategies
  4. Reading books and watching movies

Get Involved and Speak Up
This month, we prompt you to raise awareness by:

  1. Taking the pledge
  2. Wearing teal
  3. Taking action by joining events
  4. Joining the conversation
  5. Honoring Denim Day

Donate Your Time or Funds
Like most social change causes, organizations working to address sexual violence rely on public funding to operate. You can consider contributing a monetary value or donating your time at a community rape crisis center which often depends on the support of volunteers to provide services to victims (such as answering calls from survivors) and to help implement prevention programs (like talking to students about sexual violence).

Supporting a friend or family member while they navigate the aftermath of sexual violence is a delicate and grievous task. You are a strong supporter, but you will need additional guidance to properly help your loved one. Become familiar with resources, so you can recommend them to a survivor for support. 

Our team is very excited to sponsor the Heroes at Work Spring Fundraiser presented by Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth. Join us on April 28 to advance the important work they are doing promoting mentorship and tutoring programs to Chicago youth.
Meyers & Flowers is honored to continue our sponsorship of the Illinois Bar Foundation’s annual gala. Join us this year on May 20th to further their efforts in raising funds for the access to justice and lawyers care programs.
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